A new political movement has called for tolerance to be shown towards medical homophobics.  Professor Cureasinner MBBS MPhil FRCPsych FRANZCP has told the “Interpretor” that homophobics are a misunderstood group who just want acceptance into normal society.

“We don’t really hate gays and we certainly don’t beat them up these days he said. You have to consider that many of them are spending their lives in gyms and look a bit threatening to homophobics.”

The professor said “we find it really unfair that people attack our credibility just because scientific evidence is against us on this gay marriage issue. Why are people so hung up on evidence? Look at climate change – all the scientific evidence says its happening and we are causing it, but its a load of rubbish, isn’t it?. There’s certainly nothing in the Bible about it.

We know for sure that gays can’t make normal families. Every one of our members has a personal relationship with god and god has told us it is wrong for gay people to do normal things like getting married and having kids. What more proof would you want than that?”