the interpretOr is based on the foundations of open media, deconstructing spin and sharing perspectives. Press freedom is curtailed by many influences and forces: overt, covert, obvious, subtle. Partisan agendas presented as news; PR driven ‘news’ stories that obfuscate and omit; the invisible restrictions of the editorial nods, winks and frowns.

When media organisations are answerable to share holders and the markets, the public interest is necessarily compromised. Objectivity cannot serve two masters. When media organisations collude and offer a seeming consensus of content and treatment, there is tremendous power in their ability to shape perceptions of actual and restrict perspectives of possible.

the interpretOr has thus far been able to provide coverage across a range of significant issues without the constraints of commercial considerations. We chose to use the WordPress platform as it is free, open source and relatively user-friendly.

Many of our ‘friends & links’ around the world are using non commercial platforms too. We encourage our readers to visit these sites – perhaps the real potential of digital Renaissance lies within non commercial realms, as opposed to Facebook – its narcissism and new partnership with the odious Goldman Sachs.

Well, that’s for you to decide…