Kronic Dependency

Following the lead of the Barnett Government in Western Australia, all Australian states are moving to ban “Kronic”, a type of synthetic marijuana that is being sold legally throughout Australia online and in tobacconists and news agents.

While this prohibition is not surprising in Western Australia, where the Minister for police Rob Johnson is gaining fame for his paranoiac stance to law and order that not only punishes perpetrators but also innocent bystanders. Furthermore, the ban is also closely linked to reports that mineworkers were using Kronic  while at work. The Premier who was the executive director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will not let anything get in the way of the mining industry in Western Australia.

The principal but not principled reason given for banning Kronic is that it is harmful to health and impairs people’s judgement and perception. Exactly the same issues that crop up with alcohol and tobacco. Whenever health experts and others concerned about the massive impact of alcohol and tobacco ask for them to be banned, the stock reply from is that it is too hard to ban tobacco or alcohol in the same way as heroin, marijuana and amphetamines, because the liquor and cigarette industries are legal industries in Australia.

The banning of Kronic which was a legal business therefore creates a precedent and poses the question, “why not also ban booze and cigarettes?”.  It could be argued as a benefit of legal liquor is that there is a strong locally owned wine and brewing industry employing many Australians, but cigarettes are imported and are not an Australian owned industry.

The one group which benefits from the sale of cigarettes in Australia is the Australian Liberal Party which is the worlds largest beneficiary of election funding from tobacco companies. To borrow a line from the late Peter Cooke, the tobacco companies told the Liberal Party “we admire integrity and we are prepared to pay for it”. The message is there for the party drug industry, include political donations in your promotional budgets.