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StigLitz up yer AbbOtt!

The SMH today claims that “opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s Press Club speech attacked the very point Labor sees as its greatest strength — economic management — armed with little more than rhetoric and previously announced promises.”

The interpretOr would like to reinforce the emptiness of Abbott’s rationale with a few more words from Nobel laureate, Professor Joseph Stiglitz, a former World Bank chief economist and economic adviser to the US government…

“[Labor] actually did a fantastic job of saving your country from problems.”

Stiglitz applauds the objectives of the government’s mining tax but was not surprised at the response of BIG MINING…

“Having watched what happened in the United States I’m not surprised at all what’s happened here; the mining companies do not want to pay their fair share.”

The practice of offering routine post-trauma psychological debriefing (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing – CISD) has declined significantly in recent years, attributable in part to adverse findings of the NICE (National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence, UK) meta analysis of 2005. The British Psychological Society (BPS) research blog is currently critiquing the methodology and findings of NICE et al and citing new evidence that CISD may be beneficial, if not imperative, after all:

“We have been told that the case against debriefing is proven and the debate is closed,” Hawker, Durkin and Hawker conclude. “We disagree … We predict that appropriate psychological debriefing will be shown to have benefits for secondary victims of trauma who have been briefed together and who have worked together through traumatic events. Research into these uses of debriefing should be encouraged and supported.”

Hawker, D., Durkin, J., and Hawker, D. (2011). To debrief or not to debrief our heroes: that is the question.   J. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, 18 (6), 453-463 

Hawker et al, are a team of therapists and trauma consultants who’ve worked extensively with NGOs, aid workers and emergency responders and have called for post-trauma debriefing to be resurrected for these specific client groups.

Situational and street arts are a challenge to the mainstream, ubiquitous semiotics related to buying things. In my home town of Bristol, the city council asked the people whether a painting by Banksy that had been defaced should be restored, and out of the public purse, 93% voted in favour. Give me a bandido hurling a bouquet over some botoxed narcissist trying to sell us rubbish.

Viona is the name of a situational street art movement, based in Russia and supported by Banksy. Their name translates as ‘war’ and they recently fired an award wining salvo in the form of a “65 meter penis” painted onto a drawbridge. Putin immediately springs to mind, but isn’t he a 1.65 meter penis?

“They (Australians of the year) point the way to a creative, confident future for our nation. If there is any quality common to all our Australians of the Year, it is courage…The courage to imagine a better nation and to face the future without fear…Because it’s not in our nature to be afraid – it never has been and I know it never will be. So let’s celebrate the great nation we are, and the even greater nation we can become together.

Happy Australia Day!”

And the interpretOr wishes to congratulate Geoffrey Rush.

We hope that Indigenous Australians can share in a “future without fear” too. Any WA visitors, please see our recent posts with details of the Survival Concert, ‘Celebrating Resilience’ @ Supreme Court Gardens, starting @ 12.30pm Thurs.

A timely, telling and recently published University of Western Australia study has found:

“People who had flags on their cars, 43 per cent of them believe the White Australia Policy had saved Australia from problems that other countries had experienced,”

Caucasians for Toadying Royalism CEO, Sir David Stone (allegedly on first name terms with ‘Fergie’ Ferguson, former Duchess of Pork) has hit back:

“Look, at the end of the day, it’s frightful, if not abssssurd,  to suggest that there’s a ‘link’ between motor car flegs and wacism. Quite fwankly, this is yet more latte, chardonnay sniping. One has 12 flegs on one’s motor car and if one had one’s way, it would ectually be a mandaTORY on our auspicious day and other anniversawies, such as the faurthcoming Queen’s Pletinum Jubilee….”

Norb Fones was unavailable for comment.


We know precisely who you are, you may do, and I’m asking you to leave, Mr Fones.

I want to see the MANAGER, NOW!!!

The manager isn’t available right now.

I want to see the MANAGER, RIGHT NOW!!!

This performance, this outburst is upsetting other staff and diners and it’s not the first time, is it Norb?

You’re really asking ME, Norb Fones, to leave?

No Mr Fones. I’m now actually telling you to leave. I’m the new owner of ‘Flossmirror’ and we’re not putting up with any more of your bullying, hectoring, disgusting behaviour. As well as changing our ghastly name, we’re doing a spot of spring cleaning too, so OUT YOU GO…

I’ll destroy you. I command an audience of millions!! MILLIONS!!!

Well, we don’t need millions of bigoted morons rocking up here, so you and your friend, who’s incidentally just returning from the bathroom, can s-o-d right o-f-f.

Vell Norb, theeese has been luvelee.

Just had a call from Henry, dear Leni, and we need to meet him back at the ranch…err presto…

YOUSEF N. ZEIDAN, United Nations Permanent Observer of Palestine, said there had been little progress, if any, towards achieving children’s rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, where Palestinian children continued to suffer from the occupation’s impact.  In addition to killing those children, the occupying forces had also illegally imprisoned and detained hundreds of children, seized and photographed them in a “mapping exercise”, and targeted and attacked homes, schools, hospitals and places of worship.

In the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, home demolitions and evictions continued to render Palestinian children homeless.  Roads leading to schools continued to be destroyed, while schools were also being given demolition orders.  Children were repeatedly traumatized, never knowing when or if their home or school would be next.

Palestinian children living in the occupied Gaza Strip suffered from the same hardships, but they also had to endure the harsh and cruel ramifications of Israel’s illegal blockade, he said.  Schools that were callously destroyed in 2008-2009 remained in rubble, while the international community’s reconstruction efforts were intentionally delayed by Israel.  The international community must hold the Israeli occupying forces that committed crimes against Palestinian children accountable and bring them to justice.  Moreover, reports, including by the United Nations, had documented the recent rise in lethal and violent attacks by settlers against Palestinians, including children, despite the responsibility of the occupying Power for the presence of settlers and their acts of lawlessness.

YOUSEF N. ZEIDAN, United Nations Permanent Observer of Palestine, has appealed for immediate and decisive action to bring Israel, the occupying Power, into compliance with international law, including its obligation under the Fourth Geneva Convention and relevant United Nations resolutions.

more @

Survival Perth 2012

This year, the 26 January, marks 40 years since the start of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, the champions of which will be acknowledged at the Survival Perth 2012 Concert.

The Survival Concerts are celebrated nationally to acknowledge the resilience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples since the arrival of the First Fleet, which Australia Day commemorates. The Survival Concerts have been held in Perth since 2000 and are historically linked to NAIDOC.

This alcohol and drug free event will have free admission and will showcase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music and dance and along with food, kid’s activities, an Elder’s tent and a large array of community stalls. Survival Perth will feature a talented line-up of Western Australian artists performing music and dance across a diverse range of musical styles including country rock, hip-hop, soul and mainstream contemporary.

more info @

Murdoch’s most unabashed, if entertaining retainer is Greg Sheridan, foreign editor of The Australian. On one his adoring trips to the United States, home of Murdoch HQ, Sheridan wrote, “The US is the greatest possible argument for media deregulation. Every morning, I flick between Fox, CNN and MSNBC as I eat my cereal… why did it take so long for pay TV to get to Australia?”. He was referring, as if instinctively, to his master’s pay TV company, Foxtel. As for terrorism, Sheridan blames “Pilgerist Chomskyism” for “ideologically fuelling the followers of Osama bin Lenin, sorry Laden.” (more at

Spiralling  down through anthropological time.

We unknowingly transformed from prokaryote to eukaryote.

In thousands of lifetimes fish became reptiles and reptiles became birds.

Apes left the bodies of amphibians and stood up to look bigger than other species.

We became creators of new beings, shapers and destroyers of our environment.

It made us believe we were masters of the universe.

Yet we have no more control of our destiny than amoeba or a virus.

“I’ll turn back every boat” proclaims Tony Abbott, splashed across the Weakened Caucasian. A sociopathic parrot with but one shrill, squawked refrain. Yet more fascist politics of the gutter.

Big tough Tony Abbott, pressing his buttons of fear and hatred – the dog whistle,  moving forwards to the sodding past. Do we want a return to the politics of fear? Demonizing the defenceless for political capital – not just morally repugnant, but an appalling vision of an unthinkable, depressing and foul future.

This message of hate in a Murdoch newspaper environment of partisan war-mongering, of selective attention, dichotic writing and creepy, blinkered, conservative agendas. This same newspaper spruiked the conflicts that have resulted in the terrible predicaments of those fleeing the carnage of war and persecution and is also welcoming host to the message of “I’ll turn back every boat”.

Just wonder what steps Abbott would take to protect himself and his family if the shoe was on the other foot, and he awoke to armies of the night and feared for their safety? His is not just a lack of empathy, but a deliberate and repeated campaign to draw strength at the expense of traumatised, vulnerable, homeless human beings. The term fascist is not invoked here lightly, but this interpretOr can think of no other when it comes to this attitude and nakedly repellant abuse of power.

Why is it that cold blooded murder becomes invisible when it has been carried out by our allies? Why is a cloak of silence drawn over US and Israeli war crimes, extra-judicial murders, land theft, rendition and torture? When these crimes committed by Israel and the USA are raised in the UN why are there no sanctions or action taken against them agreed to by our representatives?

In 2010, Israeli agents travelled to Dubai using stolen falsified passports of Australian and European citizens, and murdered Hamas agent Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in his hotel room. All of the countries who had issued the passports complained about the stealing of their passports but none complained about the murder of al-Mabhouh. Neither did our media.

More recently Israeli agents planted a limpet bomb on a mobile Iranian vehicle in traffic murdering an Iranian nuclear scientist and his driver. He was the fourth scientist murdered by Mossad in this way in the last eighteen months. As usual, there has been no outrage expressed by world leaders or Western media. Obviously Western governments have no respect for international law. These murders are excused as necessary as Iran may be developing a secret atomic bomb which is a strange excuse coming from a nation which has secretly developed hundreds of atomic bombs but is never inspected by the UN.

Will we ever read that Western democracies are calling for the Israeli Government or at least Mossad to be classified as a terrorist organisation? The truth is not in this lifetime. This failure of morality, fairness and justice is confirmation that the West is only interested in complying with international law when terrorist acts are carried out by those considered as our enemies.

Our media is totally accepting of this glaring double standard and steer away from dealing with our regular use of murder, terror and bullying to control the resources of many parts of the world. This acquiescence reveals that in most Western democracies the Orwellian mantra that “some pigs are more equal than others” is still adhered to by our media. They probably do this in the belief that revealing our tribe’s faults would make them appear to be unpatriotic even when our faults are glaring and appalling on many occasions.  In fact our Governments meek acceptance of Western terrorism betrays the noble idea that we want to build a viable world community based upon fairness and justice for all. They media cowardice betrays each of us and the ideals we strive for.

The perpetrators of all violence and terror, and not just their minions, need to be prosecuted and punished, especially for violent breaches of international law otherwise we stand exposed as hypocritical frauds and lose belief in the worthiness of ourselves and our society.

When our societies lose their higher ideals and their belief in principles of universal rights we not only lose our self-respect but also become at risk from our own governments. If our governments accede to murder and torture of external enemies we may one day find the same tactics used against us.

The level of atrocities and human rights breaches committed by our allies has increased dramatically since the presidency of George Bush aided by the compliant leaders of his allies. Most Western countries have also made laws degrading the rights of their citizens. There has been no let up under the Obama presidency. In short, our democratic system is already in deep trouble with patriot/security laws undermining domestic freedoms and privacy.  All of us need to protect our freedom. Not just from enemies abroad but from our own Governments.

sorbet: frOgs legs?

DON”T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? For the love of…

Norb, Norb. Zee legs were a beet chewy. Snot a deezaster.


Sir, sorry, but the special is consistently regarded as one of our signature dishes. We’ve just never experienced a…

SIGNATURE dish!? Why, you little…

Mr Fones, how lovely to see you. Welcome back to Flossmirror.

Reeferstool. Meeting Reeferstool at 1.15

Errr, can you run that by me…no, ok, Reeferstool. This way please, Mr Fones.


EEf it eezn’t Norbert Fones? Velll, my dear men, how lovelee to meet you agen, und here in zee antipodes.

Fräulein Reeferstool. ’tis smashing to see you, oh..”Do not follow where the path may lead. 
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. A white trail upon the winds of time…”

Ochhh, Norb. You remembered! Johannesburg und zee Eugene Terre Blanche. Ze stewpenduss moral coorage of ze Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging…

Heady days, Leni. Heady days.

Tell me, tell me. Tony und zee Lesser Anchilles? Vot about yoor show?

Leni, the marvels of technology traverse the globe and traduce time itself.

Vell, Norb, velll…?

The show must go on. Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.

Und failure is blindness to ze strateegic element in ze events; success is ze readiness for instant ecktion when ze opportune moment arrives. Zee Oppurtunity to Vin und on zee united front.

United in deed, Leni, and moving forwards. Heck, yeah…

British entrepreneur and Virgin space cadet, Richard Branson, has this to say about Occupy:

“I think it’s an admirable movement, it’s a peaceful movement. The only thing that’s not been peaceful is the way the police in some states have dealt with it, which I think is absolutely wrong.”

More at the New Yorker – see our blogroll for link.

“Attention shoppers…Tony, Julie, Scott M, Leni, Sir Cliff and Norb Fones are now also available behind the MeinPantz button immediately above this headline. Thank you for your cooperation…”

“well, hello Tony”

Norb, hello there. Did you receive it ok?

Courier dropped it in at reception at sparrow’s.

That’s great mate. Great. Ahhhm, any initial thoughts?

An icon, an extension…erhmm. Team fantastic, mate.

And Leni. Leni’s in with you at Flossmirror for the working lunch?

Etched in stone. Etched in stone. Well, more ‘topline’ please, Tony…We’re gagga for Opportunity to Win! Flinty’s even ordered a custom pair and has the heads up on the auction. A masterstroke from the maestro himself!

Norb, heck. What can I say? As you know, preparation and committment are key drivers. There’s raw determination in Opportunity to Win.

And moving forwards on a euuhhu, united front too no doubt…

Quite frankly, yes. A united front. A signature, a hallmark.

On the auction, Tony, how’s the physical regime? Umm, do you envisage shedding à la ‘like peeling off a sock’?

Absolutely. Yes, Norb

The American Bison

The ominous herd of American Bison thunder across the plains

Their pounding hooves drumming the ground into submission

The roar of their passing brought fear to the throats of all in their way

On and on they thundered remorselessly consuming all in their path

Crushing the weak and the slow until all species were endangered

There was no leader and no plan only a mindless momentum

On and on they raced until everything that lived was destroyed

On and on they continued across borders across seas to new pastures

Still they carried on until they were as exhausted as the earth.

Finally they stood and surveyed the shattered and desolate plains

We have won, they thought, everything we can see is ours.

…a great Australian, listeners. He’s one of us and proud of us. Jamie just wants hardworking mums and dads to be able to have fun in the club. Fun in the club without the leering latte drinkers clamping down on their liberties, their freedom to pokie. It just makes me so angry, we all work soo, soo hard. Up next on Radio nOw, here’s the great Sir Cliff with ‘Summer Holiday’…”

…Oh, thank fxxx for that. $440 is a bloody joke, Henry! no, nO, NO. Claire! Claire! coffee, NOW, this instant

‘Instant, Mr Fones?’

For fxxxing christ sakes…FRESH, fresh coffee. NOWWW!!!

But Norb, the integration opportunities on this are absolutely standout. Free to air, inflight horizons and associated platforms. And we’re talking ks, big Ks.

Do I have to remind you YET AGAIN, that I work my butt off as it is, Henry. Claire! Tissues. Aloe vera, for fxxx’s sake. NOT THOSE, they’re tea tree. Claire, quite frankly, I want mine! I want mine now!

Here, Norb, have one of mine, proffered Henry.

Take that disgusting, soggy item away from me NOW!!

But, the other item, Norb, is the MoystCheeks live read & promo. I thought you might want to check out the product, the merchandise? They’re bringing to the table circa $210 for openers?

Oh, fxxxing well pass it back here then, Henry! What does a MAN have to do in this…And what’s the latest on dear Tony? You know damn well that he and I are off to the Lesser Antilles and Sir Cliff’s over Easter, Henry. EASTER 2012. Meinpantz is a glorious opportunity with synergy and innovation on touchpoints and associated extensIONS!! We must be united…we will move forwards…with opportunity to WIN!

Of course, of course, Norb. Just didn’t want to bombard you with detail. Trying to keep it all tight and topline and Australia Day’s up well in advance of Barbados. Leni’s parachuting in for lunch Friday and Claire’s across your diary.

Misss Reeferstool. Pick and stick, hey Henry. und…ckk


(ps. not condoning Norb Fones’ horrible behaviour – the character he’s based on may exist and transcripts of off-mike rants may show ‘Fones’ to be even more repulsive off-mike than on)

Professor Kandola (British Psychological Society) focuses on ethnicity in ‘practice’, specifically, how bias operates in organisations. He covers neuropsychological research and its role on implicit associations, how the way we socialise and interact in the workplace impacts on minority group members and how stereotyping and assumptions not only impact decisions but also the behaviour of minority group members themselves at work.

Three recurring trends re economics and broadcast news:

1. An over-reliance on official sources skilled at spinning data to bolster politically motivated “consumer confidence”, and create impressions, not backed by fact.

2. A tendency to quote and rely on experts and luminaries with questionable track records and personal or ideological agendas.

3. A tendency to look at “progress” through the eyes of people in power or in powerful economic institutions with the assumption that if they do well, wealth/prosperity will trickle down into the lives of ordinary people.

More @


The Weakened Caucasian’s Inquirer section devotes front and inside front pages to Foreign Editor, Greg Sheridan’s interview with Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu and Bibi’s “vision of a demilitarised Palestinian state”.

The ‘interview’ is soft, obsequious and disingenuous, but don’t take our word for it…

The Glasgow Media Group is based in the Sociology department of Glasgow University and has close links with other academic groupings such as the MRC, Medical Sociology Unit at Glasgow University,Centre for Statistics in Medicine and the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University ( in jointly funded projects for the ESRC and Nuffield.)

A recent Glasgow Media Group study, Israel & Palestine: Competing Histories (Greg Philo and Mike Berry), examined how television covered the Israeli attack on Gaza in December 2008 and on the Gaza flotilla in 2010. It shows the very sophisticated level of public relations now offered by Israel and how news has often reproduced this without offering an alternative perspective from the Palestinians. The impact on public opinion is explored through new audience research which greatly extends that of the first edition. It includes new findings on how the impact of even the most terrible images of war can be reduced by controlling audience beliefs about the origins of violence.

Should we expect similar access and coverage in the Weakened Caucasian for Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas? Let’s not hold our breath…

expanding Open media

the interpretOr is committed to open media and as such, we’re supporting Al Jazeera’s efforts to expand their footprint in the US – an alternative news source to Fox, CNN and the traditional networks.

For example, Al Jazeera has limited broadcast in the US – 5 years since Al Jazeera English launched, the channel is still only available in a handful of US cities. With 70 bureaus across the globe, Al Jazeera claims more than 1,000 staff from 50 nationalities and provides diverse and meaningful perspectives. In Australia, AJ English is becoming a more significant source of international news for SBS bulletins.

For any visitors to the interpretOr based in the US, Al Jazeera English have initiated a campaign to expand their footprint:

US call to action:

Tweet w/ #DemandAlJazeera / #DemandAJE.

2. “Like” us on Facebook and share AJE articles.

3. Share extensive US media coverage of AJE.

4. Find your TV service provider and Demand AJE.

5. Read more facts and figures about the channel.

more also on our blogroll and @


Marjorie Dawes is the terrifying leader of weight loss support group Fatfighters in the reality tv show, Little Britain. Teresa Gambaro is unfortunately, very real too.

All we need is love?

French researchers say that adding the text “donating=loving” to a charitable collection box almost doubled the amount of money they raised.

Nicolas Guéguen and Lubomir Lamy placed opaque collection boxes in 14 bakeries in Brittany for two weeks. All the boxes featured the following text in French: “Women students in business trying to organise a humanitarian action in Togo. We are relying on your support”, together with a picture of a young African woman with an infant in her arms. Some boxes had this additional text in French just below the money slot: “DONATING=LOVING”; others had the text “DONATING=HELPING”; whilst others had no further text below the slot. Different box types were placed in different bakeries on different days and the amount of money collected each day was recorded.

Their results found that the text on the donation boxes made a profound difference. On average, almost twice as much money was raised daily in boxes with the “donating=loving” text, as compared with the “donating=helping” boxes Guéguen and Lamy think that the word “loving” acts as a prime, activating related concepts such as compassion, support and solidarity, and thereby encourages behaviour consistent with those ideas. Such an explanation would fit the wider literature showing how our motivations and attitudes can be influenced by words and objects without us realising it.

source: British Psychological Society Research Digest & cited December 2011

More info can be accessed by clicking underlined text.

Locked Up Alone is the report of Human Rights Watch into Detention Conditions and Mental Health at Guantanamo

This 54-page report documents the conditions in the various “camps” at the detention center, in which:
  • approximately 185 of the 270 detainees are housed in facilities akin to “supermax” prisons even though they have not yet been convicted of a crime.
  • These detainees have extremely limited contact with other human beings, spend 22 hours a day alone in small cells with little or no natural light or fresh air, are not provided any educational opportunities, and are given little more than a single book and the Koran to occupy their time.
  • Even their two hours of “recreation” time – which is sometimes provided in the middle of the night – generally takes place in single-cell cages so that detainees cannot physically interact with one another.
The absence of social and environmental stimulation has been found to lead to a range of mental health problems, ranging from:
  • insomnia and confusion to hallucinations and psychosis.[44]
  • Stuart Grassian, a psychiatrist specializing in conditions of confinement who has evaluated hundreds of inmates in different prisons, warns that even inmates with no prior history of mental illness can become “significantly ill” when subjected to prolonged periods of isolation.[45]

On January 11, 2002, the United States brought the first 20 prisoners to the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, marking the beginning of a program of indefinite detention without charge or trial of terrorism suspects that has lasted 10 years. Since then, a total of 779 prisoners have been held at the facility…Human Rights Watch, more at

1. bit of botox…smashing. Oooh, just a little bit more.

2. find spatula, apply foundation

3. apply Liberal squirts of deodorant, (‘Fasciste’ par Jean Marie Le Pen, peut etre?) 

4. lippy (favourite shade: red neck)

5. check pocket for lighter – usually pretty flatulant this time of year…

6. quick squirt of ‘Xenophobe’ potty mouth freshener

The New Yorker is reminding readers of a little Gingrich history:

“….imagine, if you will, a man who, as Speaker of the House, orchestrates the impeachment of a President for an adulterous affair with a White House aide twenty-six years his junior while he himself is conducting an adulterous affair with a congresional aide twenty-two years his junior, having earlier left the first of his three wives while she was hospitalised with cancer.”

(See interpretOr blogroll for New Yorker link)

‘We are also facing a looming environmental crisis, especially associated with global warming. Market prices are distorted by the fact that there is no charge imposed on carbon emissions; and no account is made of the cost of these emissions in standard national income accounts. Clearly, measures of economic performance that reflected these environmental costs might look markedly different from standard measures.’

Report by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress, 2009. (the interpretOr came online May 2011 and will share earlier evidence and perspectives)

Professor Joseph E. STIGLITZ, Chair, Columbia University Professor Amartya SEN, Chair Adviser, Harvard University Professor Jean-Paul FITOUSSI, Coordinator of the Commission

Instead of focusing on increasing economic growth, shouldn’t the focus be on long-term sustainability and durability?

This is the question raised and addressed by Kenneth Rogoff, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Harvard University,  formerly chief economist at the IMF:

Cambridge, United Kingdom – ‘Modern macroeconomics often seems to treat rapid and stable economic growth as the be-all and end-all of policy. That message is echoed in political debates, central-bank boardrooms and front-page headlines. But does it really make sense to take growth as the main social objective in perpetuity, as economics textbooks implicitly assume?

Certainly, many critiques of standard economic statistics have argued for broader measures of national welfare, such as life expectancy at birth, literacy, etc. Such appraisals include the United Nations Human Development Report, and, more recently, the French-sponsored Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress, led by the economists Joseph Stiglitz, Amartya Sen and Jean-Paul Fitoussi…

…There is a certain absurdity to the obsession with maximising long-term average income growth in perpetuity, to the neglect of other risks and considerations.’

more @

On January 11, 2002, the United States brought the first 20 prisoners to the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, marking the beginning of a program of indefinite detention without charge or trial of terrorism suspects that has lasted 10 years. Since then, a total of 779 prisoners have been held at the facility…Human Rights Watch, more at

Keith had finished his snippet on the iPhone vs Gadaffi….

He then read this very irritating article in the right-wing national newspaper, The Caucasian, about Ronald Dumsfeld’s forthcoming visit to Melbourne, written by the bearded foreign editor, Ben Harridan. “Bloody Bush apologist, neo con…’mates’ with Bliar and mouthpiece to Toad of Toad Hall himself, that shell-suited walking flag with the glasses.”

Dumsfeld too still disturbed the hell out of Keith. Down with the flu a few months back, he’d re-watched House of Bush for the umpteenth time, but had pressed black+white on the remote when Dumsfeld was featured. He had then imagined that Dummy was speaking in German. One long segment on Guantanamo had cage shots interspersed with his demented justifications – snarling, arrogant, sociopathic, rimless spectacles….sweaty eyelids like fried bacon rinds.

Errr, it’s 2012 and Eichmann is alive and well and living in DC. Banality of Evil – again. Nothing banal about its’ consequences right now. Ask the orange cage men of Cuba.  Ohh, but you can’t…and neither can I.

“Now that brutish, neoCON bastard certainly deserves a good caking” muttered Keith as he suddenly realised that the solution to several of life’s particularly niggling problems lay in his fridge and flour tin…“I bake therefore I am”.

But then, he reflected that beyond this initial and somewhat superficial response…Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, Bliar et al should actually answer to a court in the Hague for crimes against humanity.

Below Harridan’s swooning Dummy piece…a creepy looking, famous actor is trying to sell newspaper readers expensive watches, on the basis that he has this extraordinary hidden talent…the watch on his wrist, with its dials and buttons, is the signifier of this talent. Keith was thinking, “could it be timed Meccano construction …? Flying model airpl…

“Herr Abbott. I like MeinPantz. I like them so much. Snork. Thank you To…”

Hey, just don’t go there Scott. Ok? No, not ok..Did you find that piece I asked for?

Ya…yess, Mein Herr. It’s next to the mahogany we go…”Exfoliation can be achieved through mechanical or chemical means, though rough surfaces ensure a smoother, closer, more natural look.”

Loook ummm, thank you for your compliment, Scott, all happening, heck… Stripes. Vertical stripes…


Yes, Scott. Stars too.


Circle. Just one. White. White circle.

White circles, stars, stripes. Tight. Tight stripes. Tights! Herr Abbott…flexiponts, und…

‘He signed it. We’ll fight it.’

President Obama opened 2012 by signing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law. ACLU are concerned that “it contains a sweeping worldwide indefinite detention provision.”

“The dangerous new law can be used by this and future presidents to militarily detain people captured far from any battlefield. He signed it. Now, we have to fight it wherever we can and for as long as it takes. Sign the ACLU’s pledge to fight worldwide indefinite detention for as long as it takes.” (ACLU)

The interpretOr would add that these concerns are legitimate and we only have to recall the practice of ‘Extraordinary Rendition’ that was a hallmark of the Bush/Cheney presidential era. Habeas Corpus denied again? What of the protections afforded by the Geneva Conventions?

That such sweeping legislation is enacted over a traditional ‘slow news’ holiday period further diminishes any semblance of honouring the public interest.

more @

“Herr Abbott, you doo have zee Haider een you. Nurture yor inner Jorg” said Leni. “Und especially ven you’re cross – ze pession, zee indeegnation. You go from orange too ze red!”

Ha, well, heck, Leni. But never green.

Don’t ever mention that verd. Peuahh.

Look, ummm, Leni. Sir Cliff has brought a creative and bold suite of ideas to the table. A man of vision, he’s one heck of a mate, and err does a lot of great work for charity.

Yess, Herr Abott. So hendsome und zee little beach sheck in zee Barbados…vot’s zee big idea?

Well, actually, there are two. Two big ideas. We will leverage each through autumn rallies after using the late summer auction as an initial, umm, launch platform…

Vell, Tony, vot, vot, vot?

1. Produce the new ‘MeinPantz’ swimwear range at the Correct Corp facility on Nauru!

2. Market the range through Barbados. Sir Cliff has indicated that he’s willing to help with shoots, model management etcetera, etc. Leni, humm, perhaps let’s not mention this yet to Julie, but Sir Cliff feels that your’s truly could, ermmm, actually model some of the pants…

Model zee ponts? Toight ponts, Tony?

Well a bit, yes…

Und this vill bee after zee shedding?

Precisely, Leni. I knew you’d get it

Looking at intrinsic and extrinsic values & motivation seems timely… 







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The Public Interest Research Council is an independent charity integrating key research on climate change, energy & economics – widening its audience and increasing its impact. Examination of the intrinsic/extrinsic paradigm is an important element of their recent paper, Think Of Me As Evil :

 “Despite its alarmist title, this is a careful evaluation of the costs and benefits of advertising. It makes a good case, on economic, social, and cultural grounds, for respite from the all-pervasive advocacy of consumerism.”

Avner Offer, Chichele Professor of Economic History, All Souls College, Oxford, and author of The Challenge of Affluence

“Herr Abbott, you doo have zee Jorg Haider een you. Nurture yor inner Jorg” said Leni. “Und especially ven you’re cross – ze pession, zee indeegnation. You go from orange too ze red!”

Ha, well, heck, Leni. But never green.

Don’t ever mention that verd. Peuahh.

Look, ummm, Leni. Sir Cliff has brought a creative and bold suite of ideas to the table. A man of vision, he’s one heck of a mate, and err does a lot of great work for charity.

Yess, Herr Abott. So hendsome und zee little beach sheck in zee Barbados…vot’s zee big idea?

Well, actually, there are two. Two big ideas. We will leverage each through autumn rallies after using the late summer auction as an initial, umm, launch platform…

Vell, Tony, vot, vot, vot?

1. Produce the new ‘MeinPantz’ swimwear range at the Correct Corp facility on Nauru!

2. Market the range through Barbados. Sir Cliff has indicated that he’s willing to help with shoots, model management etcetera, etc. Leni, humm, perhaps let’s not mention this yet to Julie, but Sir Cliff feels that your’s truly could, ermmm, actually model some of the pants…

Model zee ponts? Toight ponts, Tony?

Well a bit, yes…

Und this vill bee after zee shedding?

Precisely, Leni. I knew you’d get it


“Herr Abbott. I’ve Sir Cliff for you on line 2” said Scott.

Ok, Scott. Put him through pronto, presto…uhmm, quickly. Sir Cliff, hello, hello. Smashing to hear from you and tell me, how is sunny Barbados today?”

Heck, howdie Tony! Blessings. The plantation’s a sunny and a super, doodly smashing. Uhhuh, it blows me away that now two of me great mates are called Tone. I mean…what are the chances, it’s a bit spookytastic.

Err, Sir Cliff, may I venture that it could be the invisible hand of the big JC.

Mega. Hey, buddie, Tone. Leni Reeferstool flicked over the treatment for your autumn rallies. They’re, quite frankly, pop-tastic, mate. She also attached a cuppla pdfs of you over the hols. You’re in great, great shape mate!

Gee, heck, thanks Sir Cliff mate. You’re in terrific shape too, mate – I’ll have to courier you over a pair of Austalia’s finest!

Mega-tastic, knicker elastic! So, let’s get down to the shedding, Tone, me old mate. Scotty’s notes indicated that you’re a bit of a rough surface shedder!

Yes, Sir Cliff, mate. And Julie’s ….

“The Resilient Brain: Cognition and Ageing”, The annual British Academy/British Psychological Society Lecture, was given by Professor Lorraine Tyler FBA at the Royal Society, London, September 2011.

 Professor Tyler discusses research that takes a positive view of changes across the lifespan, and in doing so, is starting to overturn existing stereotypes of ageing.

“Tony, Scott’s told me all about the auction prize pool. Personal, poignant and an embodiment of moral courage. Hat’s off, Tony, hat’s…”

Julie, thank you. I sense that you understand my rationale…Oh, and TB…

Scott tells me that Sir Cliff loves ‘Liberals: opportunity to win’ and is a shedder too, Tony?

Yes, Julie. He is. You know, he’s done a lot of great work for charity. An unsung hero, excuse the pun!

Oh Tony. You are a card.

Harridan’s been by and told me that Dave Cameron is newish to shedding and looking at our late summer event as a bit of a pilot. Apparently, he and Boris Johnson are thinking of all terrain abrasion …

Harridan’s what, Tony?

Errr, just popped in earlier, Julie.

Oh, I get it. Yes. He’s one heck of a chap, isn’t he. Staunch, stolid, errrumm, s…..

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