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1. bit of botox…smashing. Oooh, just a little bit more.

2. find spatula, apply foundation

3. apply Liberal squirts of deodorant, (‘Fasciste’ par Jean Marie Le Pen, peut etre?) 

4. lippy (favourite shade: red neck)

5. check pocket for lighter – usually pretty flatulant this time of year…

6. quick squirt of ‘Xenophobe’ potty mouth freshener

The New Yorker is reminding readers of a little Gingrich history:

“….imagine, if you will, a man who, as Speaker of the House, orchestrates the impeachment of a President for an adulterous affair with a White House aide twenty-six years his junior while he himself is conducting an adulterous affair with a congresional aide twenty-two years his junior, having earlier left the first of his three wives while she was hospitalised with cancer.”

(See interpretOr blogroll for New Yorker link)

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