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“I’ll turn back every boat” proclaims Tony Abbott, splashed across the Weakened Caucasian. A sociopathic parrot with but one shrill, squawked refrain. Yet more fascist politics of the gutter.

Big tough Tony Abbott, pressing his buttons of fear and hatred – the dog whistle,  moving forwards to the sodding past. Do we want a return to the politics of fear? Demonizing the defenceless for political capital – not just morally repugnant, but an appalling vision of an unthinkable, depressing and foul future.

This message of hate in a Murdoch newspaper environment of partisan war-mongering, of selective attention, dichotic writing and creepy, blinkered, conservative agendas. This same newspaper spruiked the conflicts that have resulted in the terrible predicaments of those fleeing the carnage of war and persecution and is also welcoming host to the message of “I’ll turn back every boat”.

Just wonder what steps Abbott would take to protect himself and his family if the shoe was on the other foot, and he awoke to armies of the night and feared for their safety? His is not just a lack of empathy, but a deliberate and repeated campaign to draw strength at the expense of traumatised, vulnerable, homeless human beings. The term fascist is not invoked here lightly, but this interpretOr can think of no other when it comes to this attitude and nakedly repellant abuse of power.

Why is it that cold blooded murder becomes invisible when it has been carried out by our allies? Why is a cloak of silence drawn over US and Israeli war crimes, extra-judicial murders, land theft, rendition and torture? When these crimes committed by Israel and the USA are raised in the UN why are there no sanctions or action taken against them agreed to by our representatives?

In 2010, Israeli agents travelled to Dubai using stolen falsified passports of Australian and European citizens, and murdered Hamas agent Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in his hotel room. All of the countries who had issued the passports complained about the stealing of their passports but none complained about the murder of al-Mabhouh. Neither did our media.

More recently Israeli agents planted a limpet bomb on a mobile Iranian vehicle in traffic murdering an Iranian nuclear scientist and his driver. He was the fourth scientist murdered by Mossad in this way in the last eighteen months. As usual, there has been no outrage expressed by world leaders or Western media. Obviously Western governments have no respect for international law. These murders are excused as necessary as Iran may be developing a secret atomic bomb which is a strange excuse coming from a nation which has secretly developed hundreds of atomic bombs but is never inspected by the UN.

Will we ever read that Western democracies are calling for the Israeli Government or at least Mossad to be classified as a terrorist organisation? The truth is not in this lifetime. This failure of morality, fairness and justice is confirmation that the West is only interested in complying with international law when terrorist acts are carried out by those considered as our enemies.

Our media is totally accepting of this glaring double standard and steer away from dealing with our regular use of murder, terror and bullying to control the resources of many parts of the world. This acquiescence reveals that in most Western democracies the Orwellian mantra that “some pigs are more equal than others” is still adhered to by our media. They probably do this in the belief that revealing our tribe’s faults would make them appear to be unpatriotic even when our faults are glaring and appalling on many occasions.  In fact our Governments meek acceptance of Western terrorism betrays the noble idea that we want to build a viable world community based upon fairness and justice for all. They media cowardice betrays each of us and the ideals we strive for.

The perpetrators of all violence and terror, and not just their minions, need to be prosecuted and punished, especially for violent breaches of international law otherwise we stand exposed as hypocritical frauds and lose belief in the worthiness of ourselves and our society.

When our societies lose their higher ideals and their belief in principles of universal rights we not only lose our self-respect but also become at risk from our own governments. If our governments accede to murder and torture of external enemies we may one day find the same tactics used against us.

The level of atrocities and human rights breaches committed by our allies has increased dramatically since the presidency of George Bush aided by the compliant leaders of his allies. Most Western countries have also made laws degrading the rights of their citizens. There has been no let up under the Obama presidency. In short, our democratic system is already in deep trouble with patriot/security laws undermining domestic freedoms and privacy.  All of us need to protect our freedom. Not just from enemies abroad but from our own Governments.

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