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Professor Kandola (British Psychological Society) focuses on ethnicity in ‘practice’, specifically, how bias operates in organisations. He covers neuropsychological research and its role on implicit associations, how the way we socialise and interact in the workplace impacts on minority group members and how stereotyping and assumptions not only impact decisions but also the behaviour of minority group members themselves at work.

Three recurring trends re economics and broadcast news:

1. An over-reliance on official sources skilled at spinning data to bolster politically motivated “consumer confidence”, and create impressions, not backed by fact.

2. A tendency to quote and rely on experts and luminaries with questionable track records and personal or ideological agendas.

3. A tendency to look at “progress” through the eyes of people in power or in powerful economic institutions with the assumption that if they do well, wealth/prosperity will trickle down into the lives of ordinary people.

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