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“The Resilient Brain: Cognition and Ageing”, The annual British Academy/British Psychological Society Lecture, was given by Professor Lorraine Tyler FBA at the Royal Society, London, September 2011.

 Professor Tyler discusses research that takes a positive view of changes across the lifespan, and in doing so, is starting to overturn existing stereotypes of ageing.

“Tony, Scott’s told me all about the auction prize pool. Personal, poignant and an embodiment of moral courage. Hat’s off, Tony, hat’s…”

Julie, thank you. I sense that you understand my rationale…Oh, and TB…

Scott tells me that Sir Cliff loves ‘Liberals: opportunity to win’ and is a shedder too, Tony?

Yes, Julie. He is. You know, he’s done a lot of great work for charity. An unsung hero, excuse the pun!

Oh Tony. You are a card.

Harridan’s been by and told me that Dave Cameron is newish to shedding and looking at our late summer event as a bit of a pilot. Apparently, he and Boris Johnson are thinking of all terrain abrasion …

Harridan’s what, Tony?

Errr, just popped in earlier, Julie.

Oh, I get it. Yes. He’s one heck of a chap, isn’t he. Staunch, stolid, errrumm, s…..

Aptly titled Shadow Minister, Scott M, loves Officeworks. The order of the aisles, ranges of stationary stationery. Sheer bliss. Heck, even the uniforms. Splendid, splendid. “It’s my Disneyland!!” he proclaimed as he fumbled with the new range of ring binders in aisle 9.

“Office supplies and Tory politicians have a peculiar history and connection”, mused Keith.

British documentary makers, Comic Strip Presents, busted John Major at Ryman’s back in the 90’s, prematurely ending his prime ministership. “Morrison is playing with fire…it could all end in tears…ha, ha…the tears of a clown” chuckled Keith

to be continued…

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