“Tony, Scott’s told me all about the auction prize pool. Personal, poignant and an embodiment of moral courage. Hat’s off, Tony, hat’s…”

Julie, thank you. I sense that you understand my rationale…Oh, and TB…

Scott tells me that Sir Cliff loves ‘Liberals: opportunity to win’ and is a shedder too, Tony?

Yes, Julie. He is. You know, he’s done a lot of great work for charity. An unsung hero, excuse the pun!

Oh Tony. You are a card.

Harridan’s been by and told me that Dave Cameron is newish to shedding and looking at our late summer event as a bit of a pilot. Apparently, he and Boris Johnson are thinking of all terrain abrasion …

Harridan’s what, Tony?

Errr, just popped in earlier, Julie.

Oh, I get it. Yes. He’s one heck of a chap, isn’t he. Staunch, stolid, errrumm, s…..