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Unfortunately the issue of Murdoch’s grooming of politicians on both sides of the Atlantic and on all sides of  politics, has been supplanted by the Pay TV scandal.

The latest disclosures about corporate skulduggery by News Corporation against its pay TV rivals comes hot on the heels of information showing that so pervasive and dominant was the influence of Murdoch’s media empire that senior British Ministers and Prime Ministers desperately sought Murdoch’s patronage and were fearful of his retribution if they did not give him what he wanted.

Lance Price, one of Tony Blair’s media advisers, has stated;

 “I have never met Mr Murdoch, but at times when I worked at Downing Street he seemed like the 24th member of the cabinet. His voice was rarely heard … but his presence was always felt.”

Tony Blair and David Cameron in the United Kingdom and George Bush in the USA were invited into Murdoch’s tent while Tony Abbott has clearly received the blessing of News Limited in Australia. Gordon Brown and Julia Gillard have clearly failed the compliance test.

Politicians and other elites inside the Murdoch bubble are treated gently and favourably by News Limited but those outside Murdoch’s circle of power are constantly harried and heckled by News journalists who beat up nothing stories to look like major crimes.

Carl Bernstein in an article “Murdochs Watergate”printed in “The Daily Beast,” wrote:

Murdoch associates, present and former—and his biographers—have said that one of his greatest long-term ambitions has been to replicate that political and cultural power in the United States.

In the same article Bernstein went on to say;

“Then came the unfair and imbalanced politicized “news” of the Fox News Channel—showing (again) Murdoch’s genius at building an empire on the basis of an ever-descending lowest journalistic denominator. It, too, rests on a foundation that has little or nothing to do with the best traditions and values of real reporting and responsible journalism: the best obtainable version of the truth. In place of this journalistic ideal, the enduring Murdoch ethic substitutes gossip, sensationalism, and manufactured controversy.”

 The Australian adherence to the above Murdoch methodology is well documented with Prime Minister Julia Gillard being put to the sword at every opportunity by “The Australian”, while the leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, is portrayed as “having what it takes” as one simpering headline put it.

Equally those supporters of genuine action on climate change like “Australian of the Year” and ecologist Tim Flannery and the highly regarded peak scientific bodies like CSIRO and the IPCC, are ridiculed in articles in the “Australian”, usually by a series of long retired geologists who sit on mining company boards and economists with less knowledge of the environmental costs and impacts of global warming than primary school children.

It is clear that their unhealthy level of power combined with their unethical and biased reporting and criminal hacking activities has marked News Corporation a malevolent force in our society and democratic system. They should not be allowed to control the media industry here or in any country that values truth and justice.

We can hear you think, citizen pain.

Don’t you get it? We can hear you think.

No, not exclusively  through your tweets – though you are a twit, and a venal one at that.

You ooze malice.

An infinity of duchenne smiles will not negate your stain upon humanity.

You are an intercontinental menace. Yes, you’ve managed to destroy and fuck up lives across all continents. ‘Globalisation and it’s Discontents’, wrote Joseph Stiglitz.  He could have been talking about you.

What an achievement to run an organization of global media terror. To have prime ministers in waiting flying half way round the world to kneel before your podia.

A free market that you hold so dear. Free for you and yours. Us – no thanks and not a chance,
You are Citizen Pain

An executive at Goldman Sachs left the firm 14 March ’12 with a bang, penning a New York Times op-ed accusing the company of increasingly putting profits ahead of clients. Greg Smith started as an intern 12 years ago and last headed a derivatives department. Not surprisingly, Goldman quickly and strongly disagreed with his take.

There have obviously been plenty of unflattering headlines about Goldman in the past few years. We decided to look at just one aspect of their record: US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges levied against Goldman and its employees over the past decade.

April 2003: SEC charges Goldman Sachs over conflicts of interest among its research analysts. The company eventually settled for $110 million in fines and disgorgements.

November 2003: Former Goldman economist John Youngdahl pleads guilty to insider trading. The firm had to pay the SEC $4.2 million over profits it gained from the illegal dealings.

July 2004: Goldman settles with the SEC for $10 million over charges it improperly promoted a stock sale involving PetroChina.

January 2005: Goldman settles with the SEC for $40 million over charges that it violated securities law in promoting initial public offerings.

April 2006: Two former Goldman employees are charged with running an international insider-trading ring while they were at the firm. Eugene Plotkin and David Pajcin, both in their 20s, paid off insiders at other firms and stole early copies of Business Week to get an edge. They also tried (unsuccessfully) to use strippers to get information. Both eventually served jail time.

March 2007: A Goldman subsidiary, Goldman Execution and Clearing, settles with the SEC for $2 million over allegations that faulty oversight that allowed customers to make illegal trades.

March 2009: Goldman Execution and Clearing settles with the SEC for $1.2 million over improper proprietary trading by employees.

July 2009: The SEC charges a former Goldman Sachs trader Anthony Perez and his brother with insider trading based on information Anthony Perez obtained through his job at Goldman Sachs. He was fined $25,000 and his brother more than $150,000.

May 2010: The SEC hits Goldman Execution and Clearing with a $225,000 fine for violating a rule aimed at regulating short selling.

July 2010: Goldman settles with the SEC for $553 million over allegations that it misled investors about the collateralized debt obligation ABACUS 2007-AC1 by not disclosing the involvement of a hedge fund in its creation, or the fact that the hedge fund stood to benefit if the CDO failed. Goldman executive Fabrice Tourre was also charged.

March 2011: The SEC charges Goldman board member Rajat Gupta with insider trading. Gupta allegedly passed on information he learned as a board member to the hedge fund Galleon Group. In October, 2011, he was arrested and hit with criminal charges by the FBI. The case is pending.

September 2011: The SEC charges a Goldman employee, Spencer Midlin, and his father for insider trading based on information Spencer Midlin gained from his position at Goldman Sachs. The two men were ordered to pay $92,000.

February 2012: Goldman Sachs receives notice from the SEC that the agency may bring charges related to mortgage backed-securities.

This article was taken from ProPublica.


“proof you can’t trust anything in the Australian Fairfax papers unless you are just another crazy”

woopert’s thought for today via Twitter

“Julia’s jackets! Phahhh. I wouldn’t be seen dead in ’em! I love these, errm these pantz though, for the relaxed weekend look   n’ feel. At the end of the day, I just love mein pantz. “

interpretOrs are across other things as this story continues to unfold, but in the interim, why not google the following:

Austar, Foxtel, Jan Saggiori

The president directed remarks at the leaders of neighbouring North Korea Israel

He said the United States has “no hostile intent toward your country” and is “committed to peace.”(ha ha)

But Pyongyang Tel Aviv-Jaffa needs to realize that years of sanctions and condemnation show that its existing nuclear strategy isn’t working, Obama said, adding “there will be no more rewards for provocations.”

“You can continue down the road you are on, but we know where that leads,” Obama said. “It leads to more of the same — more broken dreams, more isolation, ever more distance between the people of North Korea  Israel and the dignity and opportunity they deserve.”

The president ended his speech by predicting that Koreans, Palestinians North and South, will someday be “united and free.”

“The day all Koreans  Palestinians yearn for will not come easily or without great sacrifice. But make no mistake, it will come. And when it does, change will unfold that once seemed impossible,” he said.

Prior to Obama’s speech, Pyongyang, Tel Aviv-Jaffa said it will see any critical statement of its nuclear program as “a declaration of war.” His remarks follows last week’s announcement ……


Through his “great big lie”, Clive Palmer has very clearly shown up that we are not all equal before the law.

Mr Palmer accused Australian Greens Party members of working for the CIA against the interest of Australian coal miners, in the full knowledge that his statement was false. Mr Palmer has since declared his accusation was designed to assist the Liberal National Party win Government in Queensland.

While on the surface it may seem that it was an act of stupidity by Clive Palmer, it was a statement deliberately designed to protect his significant financial interest in coal mining and to damage the Greens, who are advocates of reducing carbon emissions.

What is of greater importance is that Palmer is able to laugh off his self-serving slander because he knows that as a billionaire, he can afford to spend millions of dollars on tying up his accusers in numerous court appeals and bankrupt anyone with normal wealth before a verdict is finalised.

This is a variation of the “slap-suites”, used by corporations to silence green activists who were publicly revealing pollution by those corporations. These slap suites first used in the USA by tobacco companies against dying smokers, were based on highly technical arguments and were designed to delay and  bankrupt activists rather than prove the companies innocence.

The Australia Institute study “Mining the Truth” showed, that for the expenditure of $22 million on a  anti government advertising campaign, the miners were able to force the government to reduce the Minerals resource rent Tax, saving the miners (or denying the populace) $160 billion over the next decade. In the same way the corporations are more than willing to spend millions on litigation when it benefits their bottom line. Mr Palmer has claimed that litigation is one of his hobbies.

What is depressing is that at least in Western Australia and Queensland, the miners campaign has made many people think that giving a greater share of our national wealth to the billionaires will make us all better off, and that the government that wants to provide a better life for the masses is somehow incompetent despite our economy being the envy of the world..

We now have almost reached a situation where wealthy miners have significant control over our governments, our resources and over the processes of our legal system.

The only upside to all of this is that Clive Palmer and his Liberal Party cohorts who promote the idea that the Prime Minister is a liar, are starkly revealed as being dishonest and prepared to say anything to get their way

Courts are now places for the rich to squabble over money and the poor to be sent to jail. Bring on the Revolution



(Reuters) – The United States, European allies and even Israel generally agree on three things about Iran’s nuclear program: Tehran does not have a bomb, has not decided to build one, and is probably years away from having a deliverable nuclear warhead.

Reuters Iran Intel Report:26 March ’12

Neo-CON Orison

As the war drums beat and the Republicans are on heat to bomb Iran yet again, it is surely time for the Neo-cons to head to their favourite church to pray for victory. Mark Twain has penned the perfect prayer for these righteous Christians.

“O Lord our Father, our young patriots, idols of our hearts, go forth to battle — be Thou near them! With them — in spirit — we also go forth from the sweet peace of our beloved firesides to smite the foe. O Lord our God, help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with little children to wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst, sports of the sun flames of summer and the icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring Thee for the refuge of the grave and denied it — for our sakes who adore Thee, Lord, blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage, make heavy their steps, water their way with their tears, stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet! We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the Source of Love, and Who is the ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore beset and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts.


american cheese, american cheese. no, no fuckin’ more please, no more american cheese…

american cheese, moulded haircut to go. american cheese, only way ta go?

american cheese, bit more oil, from you know. yes you, you know.

american cheese, american cheese, chicago-school, and on the go.


american cheese, econometric. econometric deathrow.

Miners Rip Us Off

The never-ending story of the mining moguls whingeing and kicking against the Australian Government taking too much tax has been revealed as a myth by the Australia Institute study called Mining the Truth. Some of the facts from the AI study are:

Mining exports in the year to March 2011 were worth $155 billion, or 11.4 percent of GDP.  Mining exports make up 52.8 per cent of the value of total exports from Australia. Overall the prices received by those who mine Australian mineral resources has grown by more than 300 per cent.

Mining is, in fact, one of the smallest sectoral employers in Australia, offering work to fewer people than that employed in the arts and recreation services sector. The latest ABS figures show that in May 2011, total mining employment was 217,100 in a workforce of over 11 million .

As only a tiny proportion of the Australian workforce is employed in mining, very few Australians benefit directly from employment increases or wage increases in the mining industry.

While on average foreign ownership of mining in Australia is around 83 per cent, for some mineral resources foreign ownership is in fact much higher. According to the ABS, in 2009-10 mining profits totalled $51 billion. Taking the average rate of foreign ownership in the mining sector of 83 per cent, $42 billion worth of pre-tax mining profits flowed to out of Australia to foreign investors in the last financial year alone.

Over the next ten years pre-tax profits for mining will likely be around $600 billion; at present levels of foreign ownership around $500 billion of these profits will end up in the hands of foreign owners.

The original version of the mining tax, the Resource Super Profits Tax (RSPT), would, at current commodity prices, have collected more than $200 billion in additional mining taxes over the coming decade. 

The $22 million advertising campaign run by the mining companies against the RSPT resulted in a much less effective, and much less equitable, mining tax being negotiated. According to Treasury, the new Mineral Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) will raise an extra $38.5 billion in taxes from miners over the coming decade.

The dividend of the $22 million advertising campaign for the mining industry was,therefore, more than $160 billion—equivalent to a 730,000 per cent return on investment.

Few people realise that a major cause of Australia‘s very high interest rates is the sustained boom in the mining industry. When interest rates peaked before the GFC higher mortgage interest rates were taking an additional $24 billion per annum from the household sector compared to the pre-boom interest rates that prevailed in 2004.

Contrary to popular belief labour productivity is growing rapidly in the non-mining sectors of the economy. As a result of the unprecedented haste with which the mining industry is expanding, however, labour productivity in the mining industry fell by half between 2000-01 and 2009-10. Once the impact of the massive decline in labour productivity in the mining industry is controlled for, there is no apparent slowdown in the rate of productivity growth in the non-mining sectors of the economy.

There are negative effects on other industries such as,

  • Driving up the exchange rate
  • Driving up the costs of skilled labour for businesses in other sectors.
  • Driving up the prices of raw materials used in mining (for example concrete)
  • Driving up the cost of other services (for example construction

It is obvious that our miners are not being over-charged for digging up our resources. What is even more obvious is that while the shareholders who are mostly living overseas are benefiting big time, the average Australian is not benefiting from this industry and in fact many are worse off because of higher interest rates and from losing jobs due to the exchange rate pressures. Furthermore there are many other detrimental effects and costs imposed on the average person not mentioned here.

The Labor Government has gone soft on the miners due to the pressure from the ongoing anti mining tax campaign but the conservatives are promising a complete sellout.Tony Abbott and Colin Barnett do not want the miners to properly compensate Australians and will get rid of the mining tax if elected. They have already been the beneficiaries of an anti-government campaign that mirrors the campaigns by the Tea Party in America in being supposedly beneficial to the average person but in fact have been run and bankrolled by corporations like Phillip Morris and billionaires like the Koch Brothers for their own benefit.

Australians are likely to pay heavily in increased service costs and reduction of services if the Liberals win all State governments and the Federal Government.

The full report Mining the Truth can be found at:

Every Australian should read this report.

“At last, after Illinois, it seems that Mitt Romney’s inevitability is coming to fruition…”

…gasps Ben Harridan in the Weakened Caucasian, (24/03/12). Yet more creepy bullshit from the Republican Party’s favourite Foreign Editor.

The brutal and senseless killing of three beautiful children and a Rabbi at a Jewish school in France has shocked many people around the world, including our media. Our television news presenters used adjectives like shocking and horrific to describe the killings and they were right to use such descriptions especially when the photographs showed what tiny, sweet innocent children were murdered.

What is hard to understand is why similar adjectives are not used to describe the equally brutal deaths of Palestinian children blown apart by Israeli Warplanes. Are these children somehow less sweet and innocent or are they considered to be lower species by our media?

Only on Al – Jazeera do we get photographs of the Palestinian children. In fact, any video or photographic coverage by western media tends to only show hysterical crowds of Palestinians reacting to the deaths, so perpetuating the idea that Palestinians are like reactive animals who have no self control.

Is it not enough for the Western media to be complicit in the theft of Palestinian lands and property? Or do they also need to treat them as uncontrollable mobs of so little worth and dignity that deaths of their children is not worthy of our sympathy and their innocent adult victims are no more than collateral damage?

To add to the indignity, most media reports of the Israeli Palestinian conflicts infer or state the conflict was caused by Palestinian aggression when on many occasions the reverse is true, as was the most recent case when the conflict began with the murder of a Palestinian leader by Israeli forces.

The violence began on Friday 9th March after Israel killed Zuhair al-Qaisi, head of the Popular Resistance Committees, prompting militant groups to start firing rockets over the border. Palestinian rockets damaged a building and injured an elderly woman.Israeli warplanes then attacked Gaza, killing 17 militants and 6 civilians and 83 people were injured.

A more balanced reporting that treats Palestinians with fairness and recognizes their suffering is not much to ask for but appears a road too far for the conformist western media.

A cultural news roundup:

On the Shelf

PARIS Review: March 21, 2012 01:00 PM

They kept on and on about shopping. ‘The shops’ this. The shops that.

How did that make you feel?

Annoyed. I was getting really fed up with it all. I had this idea that my life would be different…That there was much more to being in this world than the shops. I mean, they’re shops. That’s all!

You feel that there’s more to life?

Of course their bloody well is. Infinitely more – texture, nuance, connection, love…

If we can recap a little on last week, you made mention of ‘the markets’…

Yes, I did, I remember I did…

            Were these markets important to you, special in some way?

It’s ironic, really, because the word means many different things. When I was young and in my early 20’s in London, the markets meant Portobello Road on non-touristy weekdays and all the colours, smells, people, vibes…

And the irony? What was ironic about the markets?

Again, there was plenty that was ironic about Portobello, but in a warm, eclectic, slightly good crazy way. Even more ironic that the phrase ‘the markets’ took on a totally different meaning – towards the end of the news on tv they’d talk of having a “quick look at the markets” and then cite all these codes and meaningless figures. 

So, ‘the markets’ changed or evolved a different meaning for you?

Yes, yes. Very different. Polar opposites. From cheap daffodils punctuating cloudy afternoons to manic energy and frantic, unhappy men in offices…


Le Monde Diplomatique, hOt stories:

  • The West has failed Afghan women
  • Obama’s plan for nuclear sanity
  • In northern Uganda, a difficult peace
  • Afghanistan looks to spring
  • Midnight in Paris

click here for stories

Le Monde diplomatique is a crusading voice in journalism with especially good foreign coverage”

William Dalrymple

The future of Afghanistan must not be determined by the self-interest of the USA, UK and other occupying powers.We owe it to the Afghan people to stand up for their rights and to end the occupation of their country, so that the process of reconstruction can at last begin. Just as with Korea 60 years ago,War on Want is calling for an immediate negotiated settlement to the war in Afghanistan.We invite all those who believe in human dignity and justice to join us in this call.

John Hilary

Executive Director War on Want 

more at:  afghanistan_the_great_game_war_on_want

Dearest Team Antipodes (yes, thet’s you Tony, Gina, Andy and Clive! Ho, ho)

Thet was the week thet was! Let’s keep moving forwards on a united front.  Don’t let the gweedy masses get you down. Wemember, wemember, we have right end MIGHT upon one’s side.

Now then, hmmphhurum, a few observations:

Tony: gweat come back on the Finkelburgerstine media weport – thought police serving only the chettering ‘classes’ a wavishing wiposte. You’re absolutely cowect that the orange hue is becoming less pwonounced in your recent appeawances, and the hair, miwaculous my dear chep….you have a hirsute cwown once again. Norb and Flinty have made weference in wecent emales that you’re lookin’ tip top. Sir Cliff was in from the Antilles duwing the week and he loves MeinPantz still and awaiting further diwection from you, dear Tony. Wemember, wemember, you Tony, you are a solid work in pwogwess…gloves off, to you sir.

Gina: steely, determined, a command performance!!

Andy: a fair go…a big fair go…wemember, opportunity to win means my dear chep, don’t feel guilty. Yours is the power, the power and the glory…ho, ho..toss another cway on the barbie…isn’t that what you cheps do, down there in the antipodes?

Clive: is there woom for…woom for impwovement? No, no there isn’t. Thet’s because you’re pitch perfect, ahummphh, me old mate. Ohh, harrumphh, I feel wather poety…”Constitutionality qwestions now abounding. Your gusto and oooomph are wesounding”

Yours twuly, (with opportunity to win! Ho, ho.)

Viscount B.

cc. Leni Reeferstool, Norb Fones

The latest State of the Climate report provided by the peak Australian scientific body CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology has nailed shut any escape route for climate change deniers. In fact the report reveals that Australia is set to suffer massive damaging effects from human induced climate change.

According to CSIRO, Australian average temperatures are projected to rise by 0.6 to 1.5 ºC by 2030. If global greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow at rates consistent with past trends, warming is projected to be in the range of 2.2 to 5.0 ºC by 2070.

The report also confirms human induced climate change is the most likely cause:

 “International research shows that it is extremely unlikely that the observed warming could be explained by natural causes alone.”

“Evidence of human influence has been detected in ocean warming, sea-level rise, continental-average temperatures, temperature extremes and wind patterns. CSIRO research has shown that higher greenhouse gas levels are likely to have caused about half of the winter rainfall reduction in south-west Western Australia.”

So enormous are the implications of up to 5 degree centigrade warming, those persons and organisations continuing  deliberate campaigns to mislead the public and influence policy makers, should be regarded as dangerous criminals. Delaying action on climate change will certainly cost lives and livelihoods, and will wipe out many species inhabiting the earth.

Some scientists are concerned that temperature increases above 4 degrees centigrade will upset the balance between respiration and photosynthesis. This will result in plants producing more carbon dioxide than oxygen. If this happens and cannot be reversed the human race will join the ranks of extinct species.

It is time for all of us to wake up to the fact that a carbon tax is a lesser evil than death or extinction of our species.

It is also time to take action on the political front by writing to our members and potential members of parliament and demand effective steps to save our country and our communities from the looming disaster of unstoppable climate change. At the next elections it is imperative that we dump those MPs who have become reliant on handouts from polluting corporations.

It should be noted that there is a time lag of twenty to thirty years before atmospheric carbon increases are manifested as rises in global temperature. Our current higher temperature is due to atmospheric carbon increases  of thirty years ago.

The impacts of the significantly higher levels of CO2  produced this decade will not be experienced for twenty years. Our children and grandchildren will suffer significantly for our folly and there is nothing we can do about that level of suffering.

If we fail to act decisively now we could well be living  in the last century of human civilisation.

The CSIRO summary document (15/03/12) is a free pdf download on the hotlink below…

George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949):

“Here were produced rubbishy newspapers containing almost nothing except sport, crime and astrology, sensational five-cent novelettes, films oozing with sex, and sentimental songs which were composed entirely by mechanical means on a special kind of kaleidoscope known as a versificator.”

The Sun website (14/03/12):

Get the latest news and features at The Sun – Showbiz, babes, celebrities, sport and racing, national and Page 360 FREE on Sun iPad app  SOLDIER questioned after girlfriend is stabbed to death in front of her four-year-old son

Textbook Murdoch. Tragic.

The March 2012 issue of the Psychologist (Brit Psych Soc.) cites a fantastic new initiative and resource aimed at broadening ‘UNDERSTANDING of MENTAL HEALTH’.

“This pack is an invaluable resource for anyone educating others about mental health. It is perfect for schools, but should also be used elsewhere. Training volunteers, police officers, and medical students are all possibilities.”

David Rye, Chairman of ‘Working Mind’ (part of the UK mental health charity, ‘Mind’)

The pack contains over 100 personal accounts of people with mental health issues and was put together by researchers at Surrey Child & Adolescent MH Services, the University of Oxford and the Royal College of Psychiatrists and is endorsed by the BPS.

It is free to download and includes teacher/trainer resources, in addition to the 100+ perspectives from people in the community:

“Ochhh, Daveeed. Eeet’s you, zee power, ze potency. Zee sementecks…,” said Leni.

Why Leni…thank you. Congruent and direct…true. True blue…

Yess, yess, direct und zee iconography…vell, ze cross, I luvv…

The saphire blue…

…Of zee true blue…Zee colour of herr majestees eyes. Occhh, Daveed…Und thees weell be on all zee extensioons?

Yes, dear Leni…stemps, literature, insignia of office…benk notes, hmphh…

One is vewy pwoud of one’s wecord of achievements. Gina, Andy, Tony and all my other gweat friends in Auusstrayliahh have really taken my wules on board, and with gweat gusto. Ho, ho. I’ve cwafted them with the utttmost care – tested ’em, gone beck to the dwawing board. I guess that innovation and integwity will wule the day, eh?

‘Flinty’ has even been dwopping hints thet your’s twuly may even become Her Meajestys’s wepwesentative in Auusstrayliahh. Ha, ha. Of course, this is conditional upon Tony delivewing his goods, so to speak. Ahummph.

Wules for How to be a pwoper Denialist in the Modern Age:

1) Allege thet there’s a conspiracy. Claim that scientific consensus has arisen through collusion rather than the accumulation of evidence.

2) Use fake experts to support your story. “Denial always starts with a cadre of pseudo-experts with some credentials that create a facade of credibility,” says Seth Kalichman of the University of Connecticut.

3) Cherry-pick the evidence: twumpet whatever appears to support your case and ignore or wubbish the west.

4) Carry on trotting out manufactured “evidence” even after it has been discwedited.

5) Create impossible standards for your opponents. Claim that the existing evidence is NOT GOOD ENOUGH, errphh, and, and demand MORE.

6) If your opponent comes up with evidence you have demanded, move the goalposts. (I weally, weally love this one)

7) Use logical fallacies. Hitler opposed smoking, so anti-smoking measures are Nazi. (Yes, when in Aussstrayleyah wecently, I used this one on some ghastly Garnaud chap. Worked a tweet.)

8) Deliberately misrepresent the scientific consensus and then knock down your straw man.

9) Manufacture doubt. Falsely portray scientists as so divided that basing policy on their advice would be premature.

10) Insist “both sides” must be heard and cry censorship when “dissenting” arguments or experts are rejected.

And above all, make lots of NOISE.

(with thanks to )

the interpretOr would like to add that Monckton does not sit in the House of Lords (UK), despite his impressions to the contrary. His own story is as dodgy as his propaganda.

bOb’s been busy promoting homophobia.

bOb Katter doesn’t support ‘gay marriage’.

bOb Katter would rather support fear, bigotry and intolerance.

Katter’s ‘Australia Party’ – an oxymoron, lead by a moron.

The former frontman of The Smiths, poet and uber-hipster recently described the woyal weds as “so dull as people that it is actually impossible to discuss them”. His band wore  these t-shirts at last Sunday’s Buenos Aires show. Hats off Morrissey & Co.

Fondly gazed upon by two adoring female federal MPs Julie Bishop and Michaela Cash, the intrepid Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Tony Abbott launched another thoughtless diatribe at the Gillard Government. Abbott’s primary target was Defence Minister Stephen Smith.

Abbott who has a history of conflict with Australian women, demanded that the Minister should apologise to the Defence Force Academy Commodore Bruce Kafer for reprimanding him. This reprimand came after a distressed female ADFA cadet, 18, identified only as “Kate”, went public after discovering her sexual encounter with a male colleague had been broadcast on Skype to his AFDA mates in another room.

Commodore Kafer decided that his first action after the complaint should be to beat up the victim and further sully her reputation by bringing disciplinary charges against her of alcoholism and absenteeism. These charges are said to be unrelated to the girl’s victimisation, but anyone except Tony Abbott and Murdoch journalists can see that the disciplinary charges put in doubt the girl’s character and undermine her complaint.

Stephen Smith properly stated that, “one should never, inadvertently or advertently, allow the character of a potential victim of an alleged sexual assault to be brought into play”.

Abbott and a range of high-ranking ex-military commentators have called for Smith to apologise and for him to be reprimanded because the Defence Minister refused to apologise for accusing the Commandant of the Australian Defence Force Academy, Commodore Bruce Kafer, of an error of judgment.

Andrew Kirkham QC, a barrister hired to inquire into the matter, had the view that Kafer had the legal right to go ahead with the charges against the girl but he pointed out he did not need to bring them at that sensitive and harrowing time for the girl.

Kafer may have been legally correct in bringing charges against the girl at that time, but his decision-making at best lacked in common sense and decency and at worst may have been deliberately undermining the legitimacy of a young girls complaint who was victim of a sex crime.

Those calling for an apology from Minister Smith, include Tony Abbott, the line up of ex-military figures like Neil James, Jim Molan and Peter Leahy, and of course Tony Abbott’s backup team at the Murdoch press. These dinosaurs are aligning themselves with those who are clearly more concerned about the reputation of the ADF than about the continuation of mistreatment and sexualisation of women in the ADF. They deserve the contempt of the Australian people.

The InterpretOr says well done Stephen Smith. You are doing an important task in making the ADF conduct its business in a professional manner that supports and respects its women members. For that you deserve our support.

Many residents of Fukushima prefecture still lack basic information and clear answers about the level of radiation in their food and environment, Human Rights Watch are reporting, recently releasing a slide show of individuals affected by the Fukushima nuclear plant explosion in advance of the one-year anniversary on March 11, 2012.

“In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster the Japanese government struggled to respond, as any government would in such a crisis. But one year later Fukushima residents have a right to know if the food they are eating is safe and if their children continue to be exposed to dangerous levels of radiation.”

Kanae Doi, Japan Director, Human Rights Watch
 The slide show of Fukushima residents, one year on, and accompanying story freely available @:


“Why the Global Warming Skeptics Are Wrong”

William D. Nordhaus is Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale. (March 2012)

His evidence based article is freely available below and above at the New York Review of Books

Clean the $100 notes and marinate in oil. Cut a few slashes in the $20 bills…

Combine lemon juice, 2 cloves of garlic and chives…

Preheat a frying pan or barbecue plate…

Cook the notes for 20-30 seconds each side.

Serve with salad or greens or thin fried potatoes.

Bon appetit!

“News Corp papers across the world propagate the myth that prejudice has no effect on the lives of modern-day Aboriginal people.”

John Pilger @ the NewStatesman

Andy Forrest, welcome to Earthtalk.

 – G’day Breeonezlet, pleasure to be here…

Ok. Mr Forrest, as you know, this interview is likely to be reaching planets that are not entirely familiar with your profession. Can you describe a typical working day?

– Umm, yes. Yes, Breeonezlet, I can describe such a day. I tend to wear leeesure denims, nice shirts that are untucked, and I’m in charge of my very own mining company. We dig up iron ore – a vital resource. We keep the world turning.

 An important job, is it, back there on Earth?

– For me, mining is my life, my passion…kinda almost a religion.

Mr Forrest, how do your people feel about this ‘mining religion’?

– Look, at the end of the day, my people are very content, moving forwards.

 Mr Forrest, we understand that your area of Earth was populated by ‘traditional owners’ for around 90,000 of your Earth years. Can you describe your joy in sharing the bounty of the ‘mining religion’ with other ‘traditional owners’?

– Umm…well…My family have a long history in Western Australia, going as far back as the NINETEENTH CENTURY, Breeonezlet…quite frankly, we, umm…

Mr Forrest, you’re obviously a bright and numerate man, how does that compare to 350 centuries? 

– Well, the point is, the point is really…

 Mr Forrest, thank you. We’d better leave it there for now. Best wishes with your ‘mining religion’ job and we appreciate your time.

Well, viewers, that was Mr Forrest, one of Earth’s leading ‘miners’.  As we saw, he seemed reluctant to put his income source into perspective – this trait also has been a theme of this series on ‘Earth: roles, incomes and the future’

And the KPMG report estimates the costs of businesses’ environmental impacts are doubling every 14 years.

more at abc’s the Drum

Only After the last tree has been cut down,
Only after the last river has been poisoned,
Only after the last fish has been caught,
Only then will you find that
money cannot be eaten.

Native American proverb.

“Her psychopathic ideas made billionaires feel like victims and turned millions of followers into their doormats”

writes George Monbiot @ the Guardian

(a bit of timely material on billionaire victimhood – yet anOther oxymoron?)

i’m a regular fair dinkum guy and ma name’s andy…what “heritage”…Sir John Forrest…who’z eee???

andy’s fair dinkum Wikipedia entry includes…

 great-great nephew of John Forrest, the first premier of Western Australia.

whats all that “hereditary” claptrap, stuff und nonsense? it’s all right for Roopert M and Jimmy P, so why not me, fair dinkum andy?

current issue: March 2012

… war with IranUS turns to the Pacific;Balkans/EU, end of the affair; France, undisclosed interests; breaching the secular model; US, Port Huron remembered; US, power of country; Europe’s map redrawn; Mexico’s schools on the cheap; US, pills for ills;Internet, profits of snooping; crime fiction made in China… and more…

Le Monde Diplomatique is informative, broad and available by clicking on the March 2012 hotlink above.

Alternatively, much of their exceptional coverage is also freely available @

LMD provides a cool, reasoned, different view of the world’s most pressing issues”
New York Review of Books

There’s no “principle” in the hereditary principle!

Don’t be silly, Keith. Of course there is…

No there’s not. I think it’s a load of rubbish.

Why, why, you’re too young to really understand, aren’t you. Peter, Peter, isn’t he. Isn’t Keith being silly?

Hmmph, yes dear. Look Keith, there are some very decent people in the royal family!

How do you know? Have you ever met any of them?

Hmmmph, yes, as a matter of fact, I have.

Yes, yes. Peter actually met Princess Anne…

So what?

Hmmph, now look here, young fella. Princess Anne sometime late summer and she was actually terribly nice.

They are parasites and why do you think it is good that other people are just born into power and then ride around on their fat bums?

Ohh, silly boy. You just don’t understand, do you? You think you do, but you do not. They are good people doing a difficult job….

Hmmmph, yes, yes, listen to your mother, Keith. You sound like a spoilt brat.

I’m not and I think they’re a bunch of bloody parasites!

35 years on and I believe as strongly as ever that there is no principle in the hereditary principle.

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