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i’m a regular fair dinkum guy and ma name’s andy…what “heritage”…Sir John Forrest…who’z eee???

andy’s fair dinkum Wikipedia entry includes…

 great-great nephew of John Forrest, the first premier of Western Australia.

whats all that “hereditary” claptrap, stuff und nonsense? it’s all right for Roopert M and Jimmy P, so why not me, fair dinkum andy?

current issue: March 2012

… war with IranUS turns to the Pacific;Balkans/EU, end of the affair; France, undisclosed interests; breaching the secular model; US, Port Huron remembered; US, power of country; Europe’s map redrawn; Mexico’s schools on the cheap; US, pills for ills;Internet, profits of snooping; crime fiction made in China… and more…

Le Monde Diplomatique is informative, broad and available by clicking on the March 2012 hotlink above.

Alternatively, much of their exceptional coverage is also freely available @

LMD provides a cool, reasoned, different view of the world’s most pressing issues”
New York Review of Books

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