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The president directed remarks at the leaders of neighbouring North Korea Israel

He said the United States has “no hostile intent toward your country” and is “committed to peace.”(ha ha)

But Pyongyang Tel Aviv-Jaffa needs to realize that years of sanctions and condemnation show that its existing nuclear strategy isn’t working, Obama said, adding “there will be no more rewards for provocations.”

“You can continue down the road you are on, but we know where that leads,” Obama said. “It leads to more of the same — more broken dreams, more isolation, ever more distance between the people of North Korea  Israel and the dignity and opportunity they deserve.”

The president ended his speech by predicting that Koreans, Palestinians North and South, will someday be “united and free.”

“The day all Koreans  Palestinians yearn for will not come easily or without great sacrifice. But make no mistake, it will come. And when it does, change will unfold that once seemed impossible,” he said.

Prior to Obama’s speech, Pyongyang, Tel Aviv-Jaffa said it will see any critical statement of its nuclear program as “a declaration of war.” His remarks follows last week’s announcement ……


Through his “great big lie”, Clive Palmer has very clearly shown up that we are not all equal before the law.

Mr Palmer accused Australian Greens Party members of working for the CIA against the interest of Australian coal miners, in the full knowledge that his statement was false. Mr Palmer has since declared his accusation was designed to assist the Liberal National Party win Government in Queensland.

While on the surface it may seem that it was an act of stupidity by Clive Palmer, it was a statement deliberately designed to protect his significant financial interest in coal mining and to damage the Greens, who are advocates of reducing carbon emissions.

What is of greater importance is that Palmer is able to laugh off his self-serving slander because he knows that as a billionaire, he can afford to spend millions of dollars on tying up his accusers in numerous court appeals and bankrupt anyone with normal wealth before a verdict is finalised.

This is a variation of the “slap-suites”, used by corporations to silence green activists who were publicly revealing pollution by those corporations. These slap suites first used in the USA by tobacco companies against dying smokers, were based on highly technical arguments and were designed to delay and  bankrupt activists rather than prove the companies innocence.

The Australia Institute study “Mining the Truth” showed, that for the expenditure of $22 million on a  anti government advertising campaign, the miners were able to force the government to reduce the Minerals resource rent Tax, saving the miners (or denying the populace) $160 billion over the next decade. In the same way the corporations are more than willing to spend millions on litigation when it benefits their bottom line. Mr Palmer has claimed that litigation is one of his hobbies.

What is depressing is that at least in Western Australia and Queensland, the miners campaign has made many people think that giving a greater share of our national wealth to the billionaires will make us all better off, and that the government that wants to provide a better life for the masses is somehow incompetent despite our economy being the envy of the world..

We now have almost reached a situation where wealthy miners have significant control over our governments, our resources and over the processes of our legal system.

The only upside to all of this is that Clive Palmer and his Liberal Party cohorts who promote the idea that the Prime Minister is a liar, are starkly revealed as being dishonest and prepared to say anything to get their way

Courts are now places for the rich to squabble over money and the poor to be sent to jail. Bring on the Revolution



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