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knock, knOck…

“oh, good evening…Mr Joyce actually lives just a couple of doors down. Seeya…”

Australian philanthropist, philosopher and social scientist, James Packer, has begun a series of public interest lectures on the perils of drinking coffee.

Of particular concern to him, is the growing evidence of a causal relationship between “latte drinking” and an aversion to ‘pOkie’ machines.

Public welfare groups, including the IPA and CofC, have also expressed concern that an aversion to pOkie machines represents a significant and disturbing trend, with implications for the health of the nation.

Professor David Trousers, of Melbourne’s IOT (Institute of Orange Tanning), has cited fresh evidence that pOkie deficiencies among coffee drinkers are seeing increasing numbers of latte sippers “spontaneously disappearing” to other planets…

a suspect "other planet"... drinkers be warned.

Mr Rabbit is a genuine conservative. No matter how hare brained they are he clings to old ideas that may not have worked the first time and puts them away for later. His wise old Mummy had drummed into him “waste not want not,” and that precept is just as good now as it was then.

When Mr Rabbit was the Minister for Elf back in the olden days or as he often quipped, golden days of the Gliberal Party, he had been worried about teenagers having too much fun with all that sex, hugs and rock and roll that was constantly available.

To counter this liberal immoral behaviour he devised a devastatingly brilliant policy. He would bombard them with a deeply conservative and holy message. Inexorably it rolled out through the realm of the Debauched Estate. “Just say no” was that message and it had an immediate effect. It was observed that teenagers everywhere on hearing this wisdom were rolling around laughing.

Obviously it had struck a nerve, they clearly feel relieved from having to make their own decisions” he said. This was the beauty of Gliberal policies. Just like God,Uncle John was taking on the responsibility for everything. This engendered ordinary people with a great sense of release and it was this release from responsibility that made people happy.

Mr Rabbit had a very personal attachment to “Just say no”, it had  haunted him that he had not got that message when he was a young student and was exposed to the hug culture. He now had been left in great difficulty not  knowing which children were his own. It had caused him great embarrassment at times, especially when he visited the seminary.

So great was the impact of this revelation that he had carried it with him from Greener Pasture into the Opposition Paddock. Now every time Carrot Top put forward one of her policies he would jump to his paws and shout triumphantly “No No No.” He would then rush of to the Kingdom of the Debauched Estate trumpeting No No and again emphatically No. Soon they were all yelling  “No No No” and no one shouted louder than Alan down at his popular pawnbroking shop, ” where he swapped Cash for Comments”.

However, Mr Rabbit was now facing a dilemma because saying no to Carrot Top sometimes meant saying yes to someone else. There was a problem Downunder with addictive gambolling and the consumption of addictive tobacco flavoured carrots. When he leapt to his paws to shout “no” to Carrot Tops’  gambolling laws, he forgot that gambolling and tobacco flavoured cigarettes were enjoyable to some teenagers and this was anti Gliberal. Should he say no to gambolling and cigarettes and by opposing them end them, or to side with Carrot Top? That was the question.

Mr Rabbit delved deeply into his Gliberal philosophy to seek an answer to his dilemma  and before he knew it he had found a reasoned solution. Who would fund his next campaign, Carrot Top or Phillip the Morris dancer? and who would give him a free ride on the Debauched Estate merry go round, Carrot Top or Chanel Canine? Why, despite being from Greener Pasture he could even become a working class hero if he played his cards right. The answer was now clear as was his conscience and his confidence quotient was as full as his wallet. He knew his noes from his cottontails. He was on the right path and no impoverished cancerous scum could divert him from his destiny.


Well, even as a very young child in the UK, this interpretOr had  a strong and tangible sense of the sheer absurdity and unfairness of the hereditary ‘principle’. What utter nonsense that people are born into power. It’s about as ugly an idea as ‘original sin’. God save us from monarchs and organised religion.

 A war crimes court action has been filed in Melbourne. reported that “Sri Lankan-born Australian Arunachalam Jegatheeswaran filed an indictment on war-crime charges against the Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapakse yesterday, declaring he was seeking justice for thousands who perished in a series of aerial bombardments and ground attacks on shelters, schools, hospitals, orphanages and community centres. Rajapakse was leading a delegation to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to be held in Perth.”

This action underlines the great failing of the media and of politicians in bringing about a genuine debate or discourse about the causes of the greatest human tragedy of our time, the dispossession and displacement of millions of people seeking refuge from violence and tyranny.

The incessant and irritating focus by media and politicians on “people smugglers” creates a smokes screen which hides the causes of people seeking refuge in a new country. Our political leaders act as if it is people who transport refugees to Australia on a boat who cause refugees to seek refuge. This is of course nonsense and should be treated as a minor side effect not a major cause of displacement.

The reason behind this red herring is to take away our attention from the real causes of displacement, most of which are the fault of Western Governments including our own.

The refugees are here because we were there in in Iraq and Afghanistan and Vietnam  bombing them from the air and shooting them on the ground.

The Tamils are here because we in the West averted our eyes when they were being slaughtered. We did not want to see what was happening because we wanted order in Sri Lanka even though it may cause the massacre of Tamils and the seizure of their lands and property. It has been the same story with Burma and their minority groups.

In Israel our governments have been deliberately blind to the imprisonment and torture of the Palestinians, and to the relentless theft of their land. We have kowtowed to the USA and Israel who want to maintain their hegemony over the oil fields of the Middle East.    Each violent but pathetic attempt by Palestinians to take back their land we brand as terrorism, while the deadly attacks on Palestinian towns and cities, by the Israeli army is ignored.

Worse still we have shut our ears to their calls for justice and strive to prevent their voice being heard in the United Nations. We prevent the censoring of Israeli and US war crimes using an undemocratic veto system and ignore their illegal kidnappings and killings of individuals in third countries.

This great injustice and lack of fairness and balance has brought us international terrorism and flooded the world with refugees.

Here is a message to the media and to governments who want to reduce refugee numbers. Forget people smugglers. Democratise the UN. Stand up against injustice. Stand up to our friends who use wars to control resources. Do not be fooled by fear mongering, and treat the people of all nations equally. We will not prevent the creation of refugees but the numbers will be reduced significantly.

To many people the killing of Muammar Gaddafi by the revolutionary forces was in itself a major story with significant ramifications for the Middle East and the world. It was an event any serious national newspaper would report soberly and objectively.

Clearly  not up to providing an  insightful article on the implications for Libya, Murdoch illuminati Greg Sheridan and John Lyon have joined the triumphalism in the death of Muammar Gaddafi by embellishing their stories with exaggeration and false statements in an effort to further vilify and diminish the dead dictator.

Sheridan claims that not only has Gaddafi’s life ended with a whimper rather than a bang it ended in a sewer while  John Lyon has reported in the Weekend Australian that “Gaddafi died a horrible death after being pulled from a sewage drain begging for mercy”.

While one can understand that a hotel dwelling foreign correspondent like Lyon may not know the difference between a culvert and a sewer, there are many who would claim that Sheridan is particularly familiar with sewers and should know what they look like. Here’s a clue Greg, they don’t go under roads and like the Australian they contain a great deal of unsavoury material.

Lyon is either psychic or must have been on the spot to hear Gaddaffi’s final words otherwise I am at loss to understand how he is able to know that Gaddafi was begging for mercy when pulled from the sewer. Perhaps he can lip read foreign languages or heard it in the bar. It is interesting that Lyons version is factually different from the Arab networks who say that sound recording from the video coverage indicate he was defiant till the end.

In his article, brave John chides Gaddafi for running into the culvert implying that he was reneging on his promise to fight to the death. Now I wonder if NATO aircraft had bombed John and his fellow Murdoch news crew killing most of them, would John sit in his vehicle sipping his gin or take cover in the only safe spot.

A good quality newspaper should be able to be used as a source to inform future generations about important events. While Gaddafi is not my idea of a hero we should expect that a newspaper that poses as a serious news source gives us facts about his life and death not the fanciful nonsense served up by the “ Australian”.

infamous Milgram experiment…will he or won’t he?

Below is a concise PPT that I put together for a general audience, (feel free to click on ‘theobedience’ hotlink below for the ppt. download)


Just a week ago, Trinity College Dublin said NO to British hatemeister and BNP leader, Nick Griffin, debating immigration at the University. Even the conservative Daily Telegraph (UK) recently headlined “The rise of the far-Right: Europe’s worrying trend.”

With the ascendancy of the abominable BNP in the UK, Front Nationale in France, and other political movements that are motivated by discrimination, division, the attribution of blame and implicit conformity, sharing perspectives on antidotes to tyranny is as necessary now as ever. Add into the mix economic tsunamis and the urgency intensifies.

Hannah Arendt, philosopher and writer, covered Adolf Eichmann’s trial for the New Yorker from Jerusalem, where he faced a court in 1961. The latter Gestapo head evaded capture until 1960 and had been living in Argentina. She witnessed successive psychiatrists declare him to be clinically sane, his demeanour was ‘ordinary’…

“in certain circumstances, the most ordinary, decent person can become a criminal”

Banality of Evil’, H.Arendt (1963)

Evidence based research of the social psychology of tyranny and despotism evolved from a very humanistic intention to understand more about the situational dynamics that underpinned and facilitated the ascendancy of Hitler and Stalin…and the many people who were “just following orders.” ‘Banality of Evil‘ was the impetus for Professor Stanley Milgram’s notorious Yale obedience studies, (1963,1965 & 1974)…more on this on the hotlink above.

Milgram gave the world even more tangible evidence that as humans, there can be a very strong tendency to obey authority, even in violation of conscience.

Add to the vertical social dynamic of obedience to authority the horizontal peer pressure of conforming to group norms and we have the essential ingredients for tyranny and despotism.

“The power of authorities is demonstrated not only in the

extent to which they can command obedience from

followers, but also in the extent to which they can define

reality and alter habitual ways of thinking and acting.”

Phillip Zimbardo, The Lucifer Effect (2007)

Having had a former incarnation as a Psych lecturer, this interpretOr just wants to share a few scraps of evidence on the attached ppt.

(J Healy, MBPsS, Assoc MAPS)

The green link below goes straight to NewScientist feature:

what a bunch of oxymOrons, says the interpretOr

an oxymOron

“the revolution will not be televised” sung the late, great Gil Scott-Heron.

It will be on your iPhone, though.

© jfreos

Gaddafi just doesn’t get it. Disconnected literally and metaphorically. The paucity of his awareness of this momentous shift in communications will be his undoing. His reasoning is “they’re all crazy”. But where are your clothes, emperor? All too recently rehabilitated and propped up again by the bastardly B’s – Bliar and Berlusconi, with their spooky and suspect Libyan shenanigans. Carnage in the present moment, meted out by Gaddafi’s interior troops and mercenaries; victims of Lockerbie lurking in the shadows of our consciousness.

The blindspot for Gaddafi today – the rapidly diminishing effectiveness of dictatorial social power dynamics in the face of increasingly ubiquitous digital media. Just before Christmas, a BBC correspondent reported from a busy Kabul street , describing the smart phone as “The Swiss Army Knife of the 21st C”. Only months later, change sweeping North Africa and the Middle East makes this pocket knife seem more like a sophisticated, nuanced battering ram – an animate object.

An antidote to tyranny.

Reuters reporting that Goldman Sachs posted Q3 (US) loss of circa US$450…Lloyd Blankcheque will probably still get a gigantic bonus regardless.

From ‘big swinging dick’ to flaccid ****er…

plus see earlier interpretOr piece:       called to accOunt? Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blank(cheque)fein hires top defense lawyer

NEWS FLASH     Victorian police have denied culpability in shooting of Vincent Van Gogh.

This page was intended to be a single post investigating a private sector funded “Institute” that appeared to be more a propaganda front than an educative body. It has instead unearthed so many links and threads that it started to look like a book. I have decided to break it up into a living series of posts with I hope some feedback and input from you on bogus front groups you have encountered. J2 


ABC Provides Platform for Propaganda and Misinformation

The Australian Broadcasting Commission has become a willing partner in the spreading of propaganda and misinformation for a sinister and malevolent organisation with an agenda to undermine democratic representation and to crush the political influence of Australian based NGO’s.

This organisation is funded by Phillip Morris, now known as Altria, and GM food companies, big polluters and not surprisingly, News Limited. It wields extraordinary influence on the ABC and other Australian media organisations and through them the Government.

In a speech justifying going to war against Iraq in 2003 John Howard praised the organisation commenting that they had “played a role in shaping, as well as articulating, our nation’s values.”

The organisation has only 45 members and by any measure cannot be said to be representative of the Australian community, yet its’ spokespersons get regular slots on ABC talkback and current affairs programs like the Drum and Q&A.  On many occasions they push tobacco and gambling issues into their debates to emphasise the evils of the “nanny state”, the primacy of individual rights, and to call for less regulation.

This organisation works hard to undermine legislation on smoking, on measures to curb excessive gambling and particularly on legislative measures to reduce carbon emissions.

To achieve this they have assembled a group of “retired experts”, most with strong links to mining interests. These “experts” flood the airways and newspapers with claims that the science used to establish human induced climate change is wrong.

Despite being proven to be factually incorrect and being sprung altering graphs to distort the actual climate impacts, and despite being made aware they are using data that has been proven to be wrong there is no apology or corrections made to their distortions of science. Instead they increase their propagation of this misleading material through the shock jocks and the onside newspapers owned by News Limited. Most recently this sorry group of fakes appeared together on the Bolt Show pushing their disproved and discredited theories.

Another one of their methods devised by the masters of manipulation Phillip Morris/Altria, is to create fake community groups to give the impression that there is community support for their views. The Australian Environment Foundation, which sounds like an environment group, is in fact an anti-environment group set up to support timber interests logging in native forest. Despite this agenda the organisation fraudulently applied to the former Liberal Government for Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Status which is awarded to not for profit charities who’s purpose is to help save the environment. This status was awarded.

Two other front groups are the Independent Contractors of Australia – which according to Source Watch, “campaigns for an end to workplace safety laws and a general deregulation of the labour market, and the ironically named Owner Drivers Australia, which campaigns against safety and work standards for truck drivers.”

What is very worrying about this so called Institute is that much of its agenda is driven on behalf of foreign corporations and in many cases is against the best interest of Australian citizens. Some of the corporations funding the institution have histories of anti-social and even criminal behaviour including convictions for racketeering. They also have histories of lying to regulatory authorities and providing the authorities with fraudulent research.

So what is this organisation and who are its operatives and financiers? What are its’ methodologies and which overseas persons and organisations is it working with?

The organisation is of course the Institute for Public Affairs (IPA). You are likely to have read articles by their staff in the Australian, the Age and many other newspapers and watched their performances on numerous television current affairs and news programs.

The IPA has morphed into an Australian version of the US corporate funded “think-tank”, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) which has the same basic structure and is carrying out an almost identical program as the IPA including front groups to carry out attacks on NGO’s.

The ubiquitous tobacco loving IPA spokesperson Tim Wilson uses the CEI front group Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity (CAGP) propaganda to bag worthy  projects and organisations like Oxfam.

“It certainly has been the experience of Australian and US businesses targeted over the products they stock. A report, Empires of Collusion, by a US-based consumer group, last year found bad cop NGOs, including Greenpeace, targeted office-stationery retailers through the media and political action about the paper they stocked for sale and its origins.”

What Wilson does not reveal is that CAGP is not a consumer group. In fact the spokesman for CAGP is Andrew Langer, who is the founder and president of the Institute for Liberty (IFL), one of two listed supporters of CAGP. The other supporter is Frontiers of Freedom, a right wing front group funded by Exxon, the Koch brothers, and Phillip Morris.

Note the Phillip Morris connection with both the IPA and CEI. Could it be that the IPA and the CEI and even the Tea Party and the Liberal Party are much more closely related than they are letting on?

The ABC is failing to discriminate between blatant cash for comment PR and genuine debate and in the process is giving these anti-democratic phonies credibility and status they do not deserve.

My next posts will look at IPA and Liberal party  links with  American Legislative Executive Council (ALEC) how the same suspects are involved in the resignation of UK Defence Minister Liam Fox.

please feel free to click the following for latest Vimeo global shorts on ‘Occupy’ global movement:   we the people…

 60 videos / 11 subscribers

13th october 2011 the protest spreads to 1238 areas and is growing daily, spreading throughout the continents
Join the World in Peaceful Protest and stand up to corporations and greedy bankers
show support of the People who Occupy Wall Street Together
we are worldwide it is time to change
together we are strong
together we are heard, spread the media, stay strong
watch as the whole World is watching with you

“The artist has spoken out against human rights abuses in China.” (BBC)

Continue reading the main story Related Stories  Weiwei ‘does not feel powerful’ Artist Ai ‘felt close to death’ Ai Weiwei resumes China criticism” (more @ BBC News): linked on our blogroll too.

Earlier interpretOr perspectives on Ai Weiwei: semiOtic addiction…Pop Art meets the little red book

press freedOm pt 7: Aiweiwei and China

Slim Parker, Future Acts Native Title Officer & lead negotiator of MIB (Banyjima) in interview with a jfreos…(Beauty is the culture and original environment of Banyjima People, and see bottom link re the Beast)

“My major concern is that the mining companies have an expectation that whatever they apply for, in particular in terms of mining leases, that they are automatically granted…The mining companies do not provide a mine plan in terms of environmental management and cultural heritage management regimes.”

the interpretOr will continue coverage of the plight of the Banyjima People…plus, see related interpretOr piece: “This is our story”: BHP profit: $22,500,000,000…for how much in royalties?

Reuters and other agencies reporting that the ‘Occupy Wall St’ movement, centered in NY over the last few weeks, has now spread to more than a dozen cities across the US – from coast to coast and in between too. Protesters are expressing their dissatisfaction and frustration with the toxic shenanigans of the ‘big (?) swinging dicks’ on Wall St – behaviours past and present a source of outrage….

Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher surprised a business group in Fort Worth, Texas on Thursday when he said: “I am somewhat sympathetic — that will shock you.”

The interpretOr will look more deeply into these developments and keep you posted.

ps. Praise where praise is due re Wayne Swan’s performance as Treasurer here in Oz and his recent global recognition.

more info:

‘If artists betray the social conscience and the basic principles of being human, where does art stand then?’ Ai Weiwei (2011)

I’m working on an idea at the moment, to seek an interview with noted Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei. So far, I’ve floated the idea with friends, including a former and very enlightened media employer. Some of the things that may need to happen next are:

  • contact friends in HK, both lawyers, to ask if they can research and ascertain or establish the legal status of Ai Weiwei – he was detained by Chinese authorities and imprisoned while trying to board a flight from Beijing to HK in April of this year, ideally en route to the sunflower seed installation in London’s Tate Modern. Subsequently released, but under very tight supervision
  • also ask them to id restrictions or government imposed control/censorship/limitation of his ability to exercise his right to free speech
  • then highlight the implications of their findings on the above: what does this mean for him as a a human being, an artist, a parent?
  • What does the Ai Weiwei scenario actually mean or tell us about freedom of expression in the China of the now: it would be a bit like being unable or barred from speaking with John Lennon at his creative peaks – what a crime that would have been. Is silence mandated – clipping the wings of modern China’s visionary, ceative genius
  • What effect is this having on other Chinese artists and cultural expression generally?
  • Does the new China legalise high-end consumersism on the one hand, and criminalise art on the other?
  • China has such a massive, massive population that’s becoming urbanised and consumerised at lightening pace – what use is the snazzy car if there’s no freedom of expression permitted?
Off on another tangent, but one still related to press freedom, the above reinforces that media should do more to investigate & report/publish the actual situations of actual people (like Ai Weiwei), their facility or means to effectively communicate their predicament? It’s going to be interesting to continue this journey and establish the artist’s current situation. Time for a bit more digging….

A major international initiative was launched in London September 15th 2011, calling on all governments to record every person killed in armed violence.

The campaign was launched by the UK-based Oxford Research Group and has been compared to the foundation of the International Committee of the Red Cross more than a century ago.

The Charter for the Recognition of Every Casualty of Armed Violence demands that all states ensure every casualty of armed violence is:

  • Promptly recorded
  • Correctly identified
  • Publicly acknowledged

Nearly 40 major humanitarian and human rights organisations around the world have already endorsed the Charter.

Sir Adam Roberts, president of the British Academy which hosted the launch, said: ‘Governments increasingly recognise the salience of civilian casualties. If so, why not a willingness to record the civilian casualties we claim to care about so much?’

The charter has been drawn up part in reaction to the continuing search for many thousands of ‘missing’ people from high profile conflicts, such as Bosnia, where more than 10,000 people are still unaccounted for.

Hamid Dardagan of Oxford Research Group explained: ‘Armed violence continues to exact its human toll throughout the world, yet all too many of its victims die in obscurity, unnamed and unacknowledged, the pain and tragedy of their loss forever missing from the public record.’

Sandra Orlovic works with the Belgrade and Pristina-based Humantiarian Law Centre, which this week published the first volume of its Kosovo Memory Book – detailing 2,000 of an estimated 13,000 dead. She said: ‘We heard a lot of warnings not to present narratives of war crimes victims in the same document as of soldiers; or of Serbs and Albanians together. Our response is simple: all people are the same in death. And no picture is complete without all deaths being recorded.’

Armed violence continues to exact its human toll throughout the world, yet all too many of its victims die in obscurity, unnamed and unacknowledged, the pain and tragedy of their loss forever missing from the public record.
Hamid Dardagan, Oxford Research Group

Wissam Tarif, whose Insan organisation is attempting to document deaths in Syria’s ongoing uprising, spoke at the launch about the current efforts by that regime to suppress the recording of casualties: ‘They kidnap our researchers, cut off peoples’ phones, threaten with violence… all to prevent a record of what is happening. ‘

The Bureau has endorsed the campaign and as a result of its ongoing investigation into civilian casualties of drone strikes in Pakistan, has also joined the International Practitioner Network of casualty recording organisations, many of whose members support the new Charter.

Iain Overton, the Bureau’s managing editor said: ‘Through our own work in recording the consequences of the CIA’s drone strikes in Pakistan, we know just how crucial it is that information on deaths and injuries is freely accessible. The onus is on governments around the world to endorse the need for such recording, and we hope this initiative will help achieve this.’

The Bureau is already exploring possible collaboration with other Network members which record casualty data in Pakistan.

source: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, 2011

Even though on Boket and on a mission… Keith’s memory of the newspaper ad with the famous actor flogging expensive watches still lingered. So did the bad aftertaste of the Murdochs at the Common’s Select Committee – like mean baddies from a Frank Capra movie.  Oh yeah, and the revelations of their cosy Christmas lunches with the Tory Old Etonian PM and his obsequious predecessors.

He’d stopped over on his way to Boket…Hong Kong is semiotic addiction run wild. Prada the biggest new listing on the HKEx . Seemingly obscure Swiss watch brands adorn trams and billboards with taglines referring to ‘depuis 1786’ etc. $60,000 time pieces adorn the mandarins of new China.

Chinese artist, Ai Weiwei, is adept at using signs and symbols – the juxtaposition of iconic Coca Cola lettering hand painted onto a Ming like vase…the iconography of Chairman Mao jumbled by means of winged, flying Mao’s that are like abstract and faintly disturbing angels. Pop Art meets the little red book.

Hermes’ Hong Kong store front featuring the most dour, ordinary looking clothes and accessories of exorbitant cost. Value magnified by the semiotics of the context and brand. If the same items were in a different context, what then would be their value? An interesting experiment would be to do precisely this – to take the dour clothes, remove the labels and scatter the items among rows of other clothes in something like our Australian op shops. Any takers, folks?

Branding is akin to alchemy. The transformation of the mundane into that must have object of desire. Almost like we’re programmed to form more and more material attachments. Are we so lacking in identity that we need the object of desire to tell us who we are, to define our identity? The response may be, “oh but it’s harmless”;  “we all like nice things”…people should be free to… blah, blah, blah”. Fair enough, up to a point, but this shouldn’t prevent us from examining our own semiotic addictions and attachments.

The French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, wrote of developmental stages from infant to ‘adult’: need, demand and finally…desire. Semiotic addiction perhaps functions in reverse.

Commercial forces are permitted to influence and ultimately alter our behaviour for commercial gain. This is the intent behind many of our semiotic addictions. Propaganda has an intrinsic motivation and intent too. It actually intends to be mind altering. Its elements can be subtle and nuanced if taken at face value, rather than from a more mindful perspective. The late 80’s Reagan era crack cocaine boom coincided with the post Carter assault of market fundamentalism – accompanied by Milton Friedman’s spooky and blinkered “Freedom to Choose” Is market fundamentalism a ‘choice’ to us, its subjects? Where is the freedom to choose in a fully compliant, conformist consumerist existence? Where is freedom to choose for the homeless, the addicted and the imprisoned?

The evidence is definitely in re the awful correlation of high $GDP and epidemic rates of depression. Social isolation viewed from virtually any econometric model is found to be as toxic as smoking 20 a day.

Anyway, back to the Kikimongulat compound….

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