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The Public Interest Research Council releases compelling and substantial evidence that…

advertising increases overall consumption;

that it manipulates individuals on a subconscious level, both children and adults;

and that it is so pervasive in modern society as to make the choice of opting-out from exposure virtually impossible.


“Today’s best and brightest graduates in psychology and cognitive science are snapped up by the advertising industry because they want to know how best to manipulate us. The truth none of us wants to admit is that the advertisers know our minds better than we do. This report should serve as a kind of prophylactic to help stop the advertisers planting desires in our heads.”

Clive Hamilton, Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Canberra, and author of Growth Fetish and Requiem for a Species (commenting on report)


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“Herr Abbott, you’ve got toight ponts” said Leni.

“Leni, yes. These are my swimming trunks.”

“Vot in thee vorld. You’ve got toight ponts.”

“Yes, Leni, admittedly, they are quite frankly, tight, but there’s nothing unusual in them?!”

“Well, Herr Abbott, when others are wearing such toight ponts, zer are impleecations, are there not?”

“quite frankly, I haven’t given the issue much thought, umm, the…”

“Vot about Julie? Have you not considered her needs – are you not moving forwards on zee uniteed froont?”

“Well, she’s thrilled with, ummm, your designs for the autumn ral…”

“Julie, how are the tablets?” asked Tony.

“Pretty good, thank you Tony. When I joined you on our run this morning, the right one seems to be disappearing a bit…”

“Already? That’s smashing Julie, smashing.”

Pleasantries over with, they got down to their business:

“Tony, go harder. Much harder.”

“Julie, quite frankly, can I go harder than Nauru?”

“Yes, Tony, yes, we believe in you. With God on our side and our media apparatus to play with, what in the world is there to worry about?”

“Julie, moving forwards on a united froont…I’d like to share with you some designs that Leni Reeferstool has knockled up. This is the direction for the autumn rallies…”

“Oh I love the trousers, Tony. Really, really super. The woman has a deft touch…deft.”

“And here are the pendants…she’s mined the archives somewhat, but the little red armbands with the white circles are just MADE for our motif. Just divine, umm, quite frankly..”


“Yes, Julie?”

“Tony. I shall wear those  trousers. I shallll…bahooo…snork..”

“My love, listen to me…err, umm, listen to me. You shall wear those trousers. You’ll wear them with panache, with pride…and at the end of the day…”

Harridan goes wild fOr nike Airs

Huge crowds and many near-riots were reported wherever Nike’s new $1,800 “Air Israel” sandals went on sale. Police in Seattle said about 20 people were pepper-sprayed after fights broke out amongst a queue of 13,000 youths gathered on Christmas Eve. One man was arrested for punching an officer. “He did not get his sandals; he went to jail,” said a spokesman.

BBC and wires flashing that internationally renowned Fear Trade spokesperson, Ben Harridan, was among the first to secure a pair. Breathless Ben was quoted as follows on his thrilling new purchase:

“Phew, heck, huhhh. The new Air Israels are the definitive sandal. An a-m-a-z-ing piece of kit.They promise more grip and traction while climbing in areas such as Le Massif Cavité Anal des Politiques. I guess another huge breakthrough is the built in pocket for cheese triangles and…quite frankly, they’re so flexible that….”


There is no time like Christmas to fully understand that a holiday no longer means a holy day.

If we pick up our leading newspapers we can see that Christmas is all about how badly our retailers have done and how this lack of consumerism is a bad thing for our society.

So Happy Capitalism to you all and remember to keep on spending. It is your patriotic duty to consume and consume over this holy period.

A special market blessing on you and on your creditors as we move into the New Year and remember hell has no fury like a hungry capitalist.

“A TITANIC battle of wills took place yesterday between the Gillard government and the Abbott opposition…”GREG SHERIDAN, FOREIGN EDITOR, The Australian

This imediately under the headline:

‘Opposition has key to stopping boat arrivals’

Errr, Sheridan, the Titanic sank. Here’s hoping HMS News may too.

Invoking ‘border protection’ to justify demonizing of the defenceless…yet more fascist politics of the gutter from Abb on Botty and his odious sidekicks. Salivating over Nauru is disgusting in the extreme. They have no shame – oh, but they have no conscience or empathy either.

IraQ: what remains?

“The country that George W. Bush and Tony Blair have left behind is free of Saddam Hussein, but it is needy and volatile and may tip back into sectarian war. In addition to 4,500 US soldiers, well over 100,000 civilians have lost their lives. Millions have fled into exile or have had to leave their homes in Iraq, ancient Christian communities have been obliterated, and only a shared pursuit of oil revenues keeps the country’s most important groups (the Shia Arabs, the Sunni Arabs, and the Kurds) precariously united…

…Recent pro-democratic upheavals in the Middle East have had little connection with the policies of the Bush administration. The first of these happened not in Tunisia in December 2010, but more than a    year earlier, on the streets of Tehran…”

Christopher de Bellaigue was born in London in 1971 and has worked as a journalist in the Middle East and South Asia since 1994. His first book, In the Rose Garden of the Martyrs: A Memoir of Iran, was shortlisted for the Royal Society of Literature’s Ondaatje Prize. He lives in Tehran with his wife and two children. His article in full at NY Review of Books (click text in green or our blogroll for link).

‘…By framing the matter as a debate about people smuggling, Australian politicians are skirting the crux of the issue: the needs of the vulnerable people seeking protection from persecution. These people are asking for the nation’s help. Australia needs to wake up to their grisly plight, and start facilitating adequate alternative pathways for their escape.’

more @ NewStatesman – see our ‘blogroll’ for link

International SAiling FiascO

“I’d rather sit in a bath full of pirhanas with white noise on my ipod and stick cocktail sticks into my toes” said one disgruntled punter. Other spectators offered their feedback – “isn’t dinghy sailing the preserve of dentists and xxxxs?”, “INXS are shite”, “we hated the Americas Cup almost as much”….ad nauseum…

Perth ISAF saw things differently, as the following extract from their website demonstrates:

 16. Besides spectators at Fremantle, how many people worldwide are expected to watch the Regatta? More than half a billion households or 564 million viewers worldwide are expected to watch the Regatta on television and through the Internet


World Sailing has been about as exciting as watching paint dry, with numbers to match.

Squire Longley of Perth was quoted in a recent Herald piece on the dour turn out for the Perth ISAF launch: “people don’t just rock up to these things”. (The Fremantle Herald, 10/12/11). Yo, yo, yo, John, ma maan… the term “rock up” used by the Squire is about as cringe making as Prince Charles disco dancing to Sir Cliff and the Shadows.

“The dream begins in Perth”‘ (Perth ISAF tagline) Errr, make that a wet one.

Isn’t it the moment of most profound doubt that gives birth to new certainties? Perhaps hopelessness is the very soil that nourishes human hope; perhaps one could never find sense in life without first experiencing its absurdity.

Vaclav Havel

empathy prOcedure: pt 3

Mister Nibblet, Fri afternoon @ 4.13

The Weakened Caucasian continues with its campaign to demonstrate to readers and the broader community that it doesn’t actually represent the public interest.

“Business to politicians: time to lead as boom ‘won’t last forever.”

  BY: JOHN DURIE, The Australian, December 17, 2011 12:00AM

Well John, Farto, Woopert et al, call this news? At least we have a federal government that actually demonstrates a degree of humanity – errr, and a bit of leadership too.  Whoops, but the News agenda is to represent the interests of ‘Business Politicians’ aka Fear Trade ambassadors. Lovers of numbers.

When politicians and business are symbiotic, Newsworld is very happy – they loved John ‘the flag’ and his steely determination, his ‘big picture’ (sic) world of more numbers, toil, division and fear.

empathy prOcedure: pt 2

Janette, sweetheart, how’dit go today?

Pretty good, pretty good thanks, Jonette. Seem to be getting more referrals from Correct Corp. Had a chap in this afternoon who took the bloody biscuit. Erph, took the biscuit, metaphorically, of course.

Of course, dear.

Neuro-plasticity lay-expert Mr nobbly Niblet person. God only knows what he’s doing for Norman Boyd’s mob? He had very acute empathy – level 9, or thereabouts…spouting all kinds of nonsense. Like he actually said “numbers are shit.”

Right, right. At the end of the day, it is a highly inappropriate sentiment. Actually said ‘numbers are shit?’

‘Yes, Jonette. Almost yelled ‘NUMBERS are SHIT’ repeatedly, just as he was going down…”

Good afternoon.

Hello. Welcome to the Friary. Are you in for a procedure today?

Yes, I’ve an appointment to see Dr Trouzairs at 2.26

Mmmm. 2.26, twoo tewnty siickz, aha…twooo. Mister Nibblet?

Yup. That’s me.

Please go through the double doors and wait in the signed area – help yourself to refreshments. I’ll let the doctor know that you’re here.

Cheers. Thanks.

Mister Nibblet. Welcome, welcome. I’m Dr Trouzairs and I’ll be doing the procedure this afternoon…


If you can just come through this way, Nurse will help you with your things. We should have you back out of here by 4. Probably about 12 past, ok?



Hello there. I’m Nurse Ratchet. Have you been to the Friary before?

Trevor Nibblet. No, no I haven’t been here before.

Mmmm. Dr Trouzairs is very good. Thorough. Just pop on the robe once you’ve undressed. “And you know she’a a chrissstian by her love, by her love, and yooou, knowow she’s a chrisss…”

You ok? Is there much to this ‘procedure’?

YES and NO, really.


Mr Nibblet, we’re nearly ready for you. Nurse Ratchet, I’ll need a few minutes with Trevor.

Very good, doctor.

Mister Nibblet…

Yes, Dr Trouzairs…

We’ve analysed your initial test results and it’s just as well that you’re here. Have you heard of the phrase ‘psychopathology’?

Err, yes. The course of disease or illness in relation to the psyche?

Here at the Friary, we prefer the term ‘persona’

Persona? But…

MISTER NIBBLET, the results are very reliable and indicate a Level 9 empathy disorder!

Disorder? Empathy isn’t a ‘disorder’…

Well, that’s where you’re wrong, Trevor. You are bloomin’ well disordered – it is categorically classified in DSM V of the American Psychiatric Association…etched…in…stone, quite frankly. My procedure will shift your psyche from ‘intrinsic’ to EXTRINSIC and all will be well. Nurse Ratchet!

Newton Leroy “Newt” Gingrich (play /ˈnt ˈɡɪŋɡrɪ/; born Newton Leroy McPherson; June 17, 1943) is an American politician, author, and history teacher who served as the 58th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999.

nEwt 2000

nEwt 2011

Refugees fear rapid influx of boatpeople: The Australian (13/12/11)

Has anyone else had enough of the Murdoch/Stokes media monopolies? Is Australia fairly respresented and reflected by these conservative and consumerist media empires?

Buy more crap, worry about what car you drive, mutter about ‘boat people’, be obedient, conform, ignore your existential crisis…and whatever you do, for christsakes don’t ever watch ‘American Beauty’.

To be continued…




This headline, laid out as above and in CAPS, is the opening story of  the ‘Inquirer’ section of this weekend’s Weakened Caucasian, (10-11 Dec, 2011). The language is negative, emotive and aggressive – battles can be painful and destructive. BATTLEs even more so. STEM THE TIDE brought to us by the corporation, and its people, who were avid cheerleaders for the invasion of Iraq, platinum sponsors of the Fear Trade.

For refugees fleeing the ravages of war and persecution, there is a BATTLE also. A BATTLE to stay alive. A BATTLE TO STEM THE TIDE of the horror of one’s situation and experiences. Shame on you ‘News’.

Andy Forrest, welcome to Earthtalk.

 – G’day Breeonezlet, pleasure to be here…

Ok. Mr Forrest, as you know, this interview is likely to be reaching planets that are not entirely familiar with your profession. Can you describe a typical working day?

– Umm, yes. Yes, Breeonezlet, I can describe such a day. I tend to wear leeesure denims, nice shirts that are untucked, and I’m in charge of my very own mining company. We dig up iron ore – a vital resource. We keep the world turning.

 An important job, is it, back there on Earth?

– For me, mining is my life, my passion…kinda almost a religion.

Mr Forrest, how do your people feel about this ‘mining religion’?

– Look, at the end of the day, my people are very content, moving forwards.

 Mr Forrest, we understand that your area of Earth was populated by ‘traditional owners’ for around 35,000 of your Earth years. Can you describe your joy in sharing the bounty of the ‘mining religion’ with other ‘traditional owners’?

– Umm…well…My family have a long history in Western Australia, going as far back as the NINETEENTH CENTURY, Breeonezlet…quite frankly, we, umm…

Mr Forrest, you’re obviously a bright and numerate man, how does that compare to 350 centuries? 

– Well, the point is, the point is really…

 Mr Forrest, thank you. We’d better leave it there for now. Best wishes with your ‘mining religion’ job and we appreciate your time.

Well, viewers, that was Mr Forrest, one of Earth’s leading ‘miners’.  As we saw, he seemed reluctant to put his income source into perspective – this trait also has been a theme of this series on ‘Earth: roles, incomes and the future’

a jfreos archive snap…reality check meets special brew…

As ’11 comes to a close, Reporters Without Borders‘ December report includes the following table for the year to date:

Journalists killed
Journalists imprisoned
Netizens imprisoned

The green elements of the above table are ‘hot’ and link directly to Reporters Without Borders, (

“Just like the taxpayers of medieval Italian cities, we’re having our      money siphoned off to pay for a a greedy military machine…”

Terry Jones, (he of Monty Python), the Guardian 6 Dec 2011.

his full article at:

Reuters breaking that former Massachusetts governor and Fear Trade presidential hopeful, Mit Romney, spent $100k to “hide records.”

Albums featuring Barry Manilow, The Smurfs and the best of Richard Simmons are among the secret stash.

The links between the stunning Arab uprising and the uprising of disaffected citizens in the United States of America have been noted by many observers. However it would be a mistake to say they are the same. There are major differences that should be noted and considered in dealing with the societal problems each movement is highlighting.

The seasons of the year have provided apt names for each uprising – there is an ironic resonance of the names with the condition and state of democratic system of each country. While the Arab Spring uprising is a nascent growth of a new democracy, the Americans and other Western versions are an expression of the Autumnal decay of Western democracies.

The Arab Spring has been enabled by the widespread use of information technology that has imparted the knowledge that a better, freer life has been possible in the democratic West. Having seen the vision through the lens of the worldwide web, an enthusiastic and irreversible momentum has emerged that renders tanks and missiles impotent, even ridiculous to the enthusiasm and determination of the masses.

The movement in the US has gained energy from the courage and single-minded determination of the heroic peoples of the Middle East who have stood firm in the face of brutality. However, that joyous spirit is not part of the Western uprising because it has caused the people in the US to look back and see that their democratic egalitarian vision has been hijacked and all but destroyed by the corporate takeover of their governments. Successive politicians have accepted the handful of silver and sold their future.

The truth is America is no longer an egalitarian society either in spirit or in reality. While the first non-white president occupies the Whitehouse, no poor man, no matter how brilliant a thinker has a chance to take his place, unless he or she is sponsored by corporations.

Laws are now being propagated by corporations through organisations like ALEC (The American Legislative Executive Committee). Behind closed doors corporations and right wing politicians are creating model laws and regulations. These laws are not written for the wellbeing of Joe or Jane Citizen. With the help of politicians, corporations like Phillip Morris and Monsanto and Exxon are able to reduce health, safety and environmental laws protecting the public and private education companies are able to erode state funding of education. These are dangerous times in the home of democracy.

Further undermining democracy are the major media networks funded by the money from the same corporations. These greedy pipers have forsaken the music for mammon. We no longer get news and an exchange of ideas from the press or even a balanced critique of government. Instead we get thinly veiled propaganda and outright lies for profit as is now being exposed by the media inquiry in the United Kingdom.

Media moguls are obsessed with being kingmakers rather than being providers of knowledge and information. Their primary fare is a mixture of misinformation, heavily biased opinion pieces, deliberately leaving out important information that underpin political decisions, using out of context statements; character assassination by innuendo and using terms like “unidentified party sources say”,  where there is no proof. More recently the media has hacked phones paid police and other officials for dirt on their victims.

These spin masters are also spying on us. Not for the purpose of exposing gross misdeeds of warmongers or polluters responsible for countless deaths, but to provide trivial information that is usually smutty or demeaning of powerless people. Large sections of the fourth estate have become the new coliseums publicly torturing the weak to turn our attention away from the real tragedies and crimes of the time.

The worst betrayal is that politicians and political parties for the most part cannot be trusted. They constantly lie to us and withhold information we should know. So long dependent on election handouts from those seeking favours, politicians have forgotten the people they represent. The Howard Government in Australia went to court to uphold the principle that legislation impacting on Aboriginal Australians does not have to be for their best interest.

As has been shown by the invasion of Iraq and Vietnam, lies and propaganda are harming and even killing us. Our leaders invent quasi security threats and exaggerate the errant behaviour of Arab and Asian leaders as reasons for war. The real agenda is to maintain control of oilfields as has happened in Iraq and Libya and now Iran is under threat.

While the reason given for the constant threats and embargos towards Iran is the fear of them developing nuclear weapons there is a corresponding deep silence about the huge nuclear arsenal of Israel. Israel is known for carrying unilateral air attacks on its neighbours with little regard for civilian casualties.

This remarkable and enduring silence is our governments and our media deliberately misleading us because it attempts to hide the true reason Iran is developing nuclear capacity. It is constantly under threat from the US and Israel.

Why is Israel allowed to murder and kidnap scientists political activists and whistle blowers around the globe with little more than a tut tut from the West? Because they help to maintain American hegemony in the oil rich Middle-East. Why are there no inspections of Israeli nuclear facilities? Because the USA will not allow it and Israel has no respect for international law.

Why are these lies necessary? They are not being made for our benefit. Our governments claim they are being truthful and when they are shown to be untrue they is an imply they are made for other important strategic reasons. In fact they are made for cold hard commercial reasons. Pre-war rhetoric implies is that if the West does not control oil supplies we will be over-run by the hordes of heathens, Asians, Arabs and other dangerous species, so life as we know it will be destroyed. Our leaders argue that it is a responsible even a righteous act to help the Arab people by taking control of their oil by force.

In fact they know such a scenario is nonsensical. It would be far cheaper to pay more for oil than to engage in a war except when the sustenance of the US military industrial business model is added to the equation. Therein lays the rub.

While Egyptians clearly realise the danger posed to their democracy by the omnipresent military, many in the West have not woken up to dangers imposed on their democracy by the power held by the US military industry. However, the many thousands of people supporting the Occupy Wall Street Movement have clearly recognised that the greed of their private corporations are devouring the rights and protections of ordinary citizens.

While the corporate press is doing its best to undermine and confuse the purpose of activists by claiming that there is no coherent message from Occupy protesters, the message is simple, straight forward and powerful.

They are telling governments to get back to representing “we the people”, not they the international corporate interests; otherwise we will take back the power entrusted to you as our parliamentary representatives at the next opportunity.  

Through all of this turmoil another major turning of history is occurring. The indefatigable and unlimited greed of the 1% is causing a crisis for capitalism that needs to be addressed if the complete collapse is to be avoided.

Capitalism is destroying democracy while greed is destroying capitalism. Underlining this decay is the fact that non-democratic China with a strongly regulated marketplace and regulated currency is outperforming the so called free market. The old story that capitalism underpins democracy and that capitalism does best in democracies is being challenged to the point that ordinary citizens have lost faith in the delivery of either of these edicts.  

Two main factors are driving the demise of capitalism. The first is the uneven distribution of wealth which means fewer people can participate in the market beyond the basics of life. This discrepancy is huge in the USA and growing in most Western democracies.

With the diminishing spending capacity of the mass market, suppliers can only increase sales through the growing world population but this growth is mainly in third world countries where consumers have minimal discretionary spending capacity.

The second factor is the finite nature of resources and in particular energy resources. The market philosophy not only requires continuous growth of consumption but also the increased use of resources. Unfortunately for the market philosophy not only are some key resources like liquid hydrocarbons rapidly diminishing but the monetary and energy cost of extraction are increasing.

Continuous growth is not possible once the peak in resource use has been passed. As we approach the point where supply cannot meet demand the rising costs will drive many out of the marketplace. The most damaging commodity price hikes will be in food where much of the world’s food crops are reliant on nitrogen produced from natural gas which will go into decline at the same time population reaches 9 billion. Unless nitrogen can be produced by some other method billions will starve.

Adding to the problem of living with finite resources the whole living system of humans and other species is being destroyed by man’s activities and the cost of this damage has not been accounted for in the past and only marginal costs are being factored in now.

It is obvious to all that while our planet can live without humankind, humankind cannot live without our planet. Yet our industrialists, mining companies and most of our parliamentary representatives deny the obvious truth hoping to drag out a few more years of gross resource use and production of toxic waste. We cannot ignore this destructive greed to continue otherwise it will destroy more than our democratic system it will destroy our lives.

The 99% movement is the beginning of the movement for survival of our species, for our dignity, truth and freedom. This is the most important war ever.

Leni Reeferstool, Australian Media Director of the Fear Trade, has expressed shock, disappointment and outrage over the award of the Australia Network to incumbent, ABC.

Vee vonted to be moving forwards on a united froont. Look, at the end of the day, thee morkett vill deeliverr thus best outcome. Ze uneeforms ver ready, the luvelee pendants…

Embattled Federal Opposition leader, Tony Abbott, has echoed Reeferstool’s concerns:

It’s, umm, it’s about choice. A free market of ideas. Quite frankly, it’s an outrage. Our footprint moving forwards, is at the end of the day, an index of our liberties, our freedom as consumers. The vision and sheer insight of luminaries of the likes of Ben Harridan, Ms Reeferstool…it u, it’s…a sad day for freedom, for cho….

And again and again and again.

ABC, BBC and wires reporting US drone has been shot down over Iran. Fox News (sic) will not confirm whether the drone in question is one ‘Roger Ailes’ – the outspoken US ‘Ailes’ drone is distinguished by red markings with black symbols upon white circles…there are suggestions that it may have run out of bile, though sources close to the ‘Ailes’ drone have ridiculed such a notion.



Harridan felt slightly euphoric after sharing quality time with Dumsfled on Boket – Phase IV, ‘Pacific Century’, holidays in the pipeline with Sir Cliff and Bliar…he just has so god-darn-much to look forward to!

“Heck, life’s good, ” he exclaimed to himself as he ripped the lid off the Tuperware container and pulled out a nicely ironed pair of socks…”But what’s this ghastly, pinko propaganda…?” he snarled, as he glimpsed a snippet of the day’s ‘Democracy Now’ bulletin:

…the New York Air National Guard base at Hancock Field near Syracuse, New York, after trespassing to protest the MQ-9 Reaper drones, which the 174th Fighter Wing of the Guard has remotely flown over Afghanistan since late 2009. The protesters draped themselves in white clothes splattered with blood-red pigment and then staged a “die-in” at the main entrance to the base. They said their act of nonviolent civil disobedience aimed to visualize the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan by drones operated by personnel sitting in front of computers thousands of miles away.

“…drones are, quite frankly, a safe and hygenic means of …maintaining order, and at the end of the day….”


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