The Weakened Caucasian continues with its campaign to demonstrate to readers and the broader community that it doesn’t actually represent the public interest.

“Business to politicians: time to lead as boom ‘won’t last forever.”

  BY: JOHN DURIE, The Australian, December 17, 2011 12:00AM

Well John, Farto, Woopert et al, call this news? At least we have a federal government that actually demonstrates a degree of humanity – errr, and a bit of leadership too.  Whoops, but the News agenda is to represent the interests of ‘Business Politicians’ aka Fear Trade ambassadors. Lovers of numbers.

When politicians and business are symbiotic, Newsworld is very happy – they loved John ‘the flag’ and his steely determination, his ‘big picture’ (sic) world of more numbers, toil, division and fear.