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There is no time like Christmas to fully understand that a holiday no longer means a holy day.

If we pick up our leading newspapers we can see that Christmas is all about how badly our retailers have done and how this lack of consumerism is a bad thing for our society.

So Happy Capitalism to you all and remember to keep on spending. It is your patriotic duty to consume and consume over this holy period.

A special market blessing on you and on your creditors as we move into the New Year and remember hell has no fury like a hungry capitalist.

“A TITANIC battle of wills took place yesterday between the Gillard government and the Abbott opposition…”GREG SHERIDAN, FOREIGN EDITOR, The Australian

This imediately under the headline:

‘Opposition has key to stopping boat arrivals’

Errr, Sheridan, the Titanic sank. Here’s hoping HMS News may too.

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