Leni Reeferstool, Australian Media Director of the Fear Trade, has expressed shock, disappointment and outrage over the award of the Australia Network to incumbent, ABC.

Vee vonted to be moving forwards on a united froont. Look, at the end of the day, thee morkett vill deeliverr thus best outcome. Ze uneeforms ver ready, the luvelee pendants…

Embattled Federal Opposition leader, Tony Abbott, has echoed Reeferstool’s concerns:

It’s, umm, it’s about choice. A free market of ideas. Quite frankly, it’s an outrage. Our footprint moving forwards, is at the end of the day, an index of our liberties, our freedom as consumers. The vision and sheer insight of luminaries of the likes of Ben Harridan, Ms Reeferstool…it u, it’s…a sad day for freedom, for cho….