Janette, sweetheart, how’dit go today?

Pretty good, pretty good thanks, Jonette. Seem to be getting more referrals from Correct Corp. Had a chap in this afternoon who took the bloody biscuit. Erph, took the biscuit, metaphorically, of course.

Of course, dear.

Neuro-plasticity lay-expert Mr nobbly Niblet person. God only knows what he’s doing for Norman Boyd’s mob? He had very acute empathy – level 9, or thereabouts…spouting all kinds of nonsense. Like he actually said “numbers are shit.”

Right, right. At the end of the day, it is a highly inappropriate sentiment. Actually said ‘numbers are shit?’

‘Yes, Jonette. Almost yelled ‘NUMBERS are SHIT’ repeatedly, just as he was going down…”