Harridan felt slightly euphoric after sharing quality time with Dumsfled on Boket – Phase IV, ‘Pacific Century’, holidays in the pipeline with Sir Cliff and Bliar…he just has so god-darn-much to look forward to!

“Heck, life’s good, ” he exclaimed to himself as he ripped the lid off the Tuperware container and pulled out a nicely ironed pair of socks…”But what’s this ghastly, pinko propaganda…?” he snarled, as he glimpsed a snippet of the day’s ‘Democracy Now’ bulletin:

…the New York Air National Guard base at Hancock Field near Syracuse, New York, after trespassing to protest the MQ-9 Reaper drones, which the 174th Fighter Wing of the Guard has remotely flown over Afghanistan since late 2009. The protesters draped themselves in white clothes splattered with blood-red pigment and then staged a “die-in” at the main entrance to the base. They said their act of nonviolent civil disobedience aimed to visualize the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan by drones operated by personnel sitting in front of computers thousands of miles away.

“…drones are, quite frankly, a safe and hygenic means of …maintaining order, and at the end of the day….”