Mr Rabbit is a genuine conservative. No matter how hare brained they are he clings to old ideas that may not have worked the first time and puts them away for later. His wise old Mummy had drummed into him “waste not want not,” and that precept is just as good now as it was then.

When Mr Rabbit was the Minister for Elf back in the olden days or as he often quipped, golden days of the Gliberal Party, he had been worried about teenagers having too much fun with all that sex, hugs and rock and roll that was constantly available.

To counter this liberal immoral behaviour he devised a devastatingly brilliant policy. He would bombard them with a deeply conservative and holy message. Inexorably it rolled out through the realm of the Debauched Estate. “Just say no” was that message and it had an immediate effect. It was observed that teenagers everywhere on hearing this wisdom were rolling around laughing.

Obviously it had struck a nerve, they clearly feel relieved from having to make their own decisions” he said. This was the beauty of Gliberal policies. Just like God,Uncle John was taking on the responsibility for everything. This engendered ordinary people with a great sense of release and it was this release from responsibility that made people happy.

Mr Rabbit had a very personal attachment to “Just say no”, it had  haunted him that he had not got that message when he was a young student and was exposed to the hug culture. He now had been left in great difficulty not  knowing which children were his own. It had caused him great embarrassment at times, especially when he visited the seminary.

So great was the impact of this revelation that he had carried it with him from Greener Pasture into the Opposition Paddock. Now every time Carrot Top put forward one of her policies he would jump to his paws and shout triumphantly “No No No.” He would then rush of to the Kingdom of the Debauched Estate trumpeting No No and again emphatically No. Soon they were all yelling  “No No No” and no one shouted louder than Alan down at his popular pawnbroking shop, ” where he swapped Cash for Comments”.

However, Mr Rabbit was now facing a dilemma because saying no to Carrot Top sometimes meant saying yes to someone else. There was a problem Downunder with addictive gambolling and the consumption of addictive tobacco flavoured carrots. When he leapt to his paws to shout “no” to Carrot Tops’  gambolling laws, he forgot that gambolling and tobacco flavoured cigarettes were enjoyable to some teenagers and this was anti Gliberal. Should he say no to gambolling and cigarettes and by opposing them end them, or to side with Carrot Top? That was the question.

Mr Rabbit delved deeply into his Gliberal philosophy to seek an answer to his dilemma  and before he knew it he had found a reasoned solution. Who would fund his next campaign, Carrot Top or Phillip the Morris dancer? and who would give him a free ride on the Debauched Estate merry go round, Carrot Top or Chanel Canine? Why, despite being from Greener Pasture he could even become a working class hero if he played his cards right. The answer was now clear as was his conscience and his confidence quotient was as full as his wallet. He knew his noes from his cottontails. He was on the right path and no impoverished cancerous scum could divert him from his destiny.