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PARIS Review: March 21, 2012 01:00 PM

They kept on and on about shopping. ‘The shops’ this. The shops that.

How did that make you feel?

Annoyed. I was getting really fed up with it all. I had this idea that my life would be different…That there was much more to being in this world than the shops. I mean, they’re shops. That’s all!

You feel that there’s more to life?

Of course their bloody well is. Infinitely more – texture, nuance, connection, love…

If we can recap a little on last week, you made mention of ‘the markets’…

Yes, I did, I remember I did…

            Were these markets important to you, special in some way?

It’s ironic, really, because the word means many different things. When I was young and in my early 20’s in London, the markets meant Portobello Road on non-touristy weekdays and all the colours, smells, people, vibes…

And the irony? What was ironic about the markets?

Again, there was plenty that was ironic about Portobello, but in a warm, eclectic, slightly good crazy way. Even more ironic that the phrase ‘the markets’ took on a totally different meaning – towards the end of the news on tv they’d talk of having a “quick look at the markets” and then cite all these codes and meaningless figures. 

So, ‘the markets’ changed or evolved a different meaning for you?

Yes, yes. Very different. Polar opposites. From cheap daffodils punctuating cloudy afternoons to manic energy and frantic, unhappy men in offices…


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