The president directed remarks at the leaders of neighbouring North Korea Israel

He said the United States has “no hostile intent toward your country” and is “committed to peace.”(ha ha)

But Pyongyang Tel Aviv-Jaffa needs to realize that years of sanctions and condemnation show that its existing nuclear strategy isn’t working, Obama said, adding “there will be no more rewards for provocations.”

“You can continue down the road you are on, but we know where that leads,” Obama said. “It leads to more of the same — more broken dreams, more isolation, ever more distance between the people of North Korea  Israel and the dignity and opportunity they deserve.”

The president ended his speech by predicting that Koreans, Palestinians North and South, will someday be “united and free.”

“The day all Koreans  Palestinians yearn for will not come easily or without great sacrifice. But make no mistake, it will come. And when it does, change will unfold that once seemed impossible,” he said.

Prior to Obama’s speech, Pyongyang, Tel Aviv-Jaffa said it will see any critical statement of its nuclear program as “a declaration of war.” His remarks follows last week’s announcement ……