Dearest Team Antipodes (yes, thet’s you Tony, Gina, Andy and Clive! Ho, ho)

Thet was the week thet was! Let’s keep moving forwards on a united front.  Don’t let the gweedy masses get you down. Wemember, wemember, we have right end MIGHT upon one’s side.

Now then, hmmphhurum, a few observations:

Tony: gweat come back on the Finkelburgerstine media weport – thought police serving only the chettering ‘classes’ a wavishing wiposte. You’re absolutely cowect that the orange hue is becoming less pwonounced in your recent appeawances, and the hair, miwaculous my dear chep….you have a hirsute cwown once again. Norb and Flinty have made weference in wecent emales that you’re lookin’ tip top. Sir Cliff was in from the Antilles duwing the week and he loves MeinPantz still and awaiting further diwection from you, dear Tony. Wemember, wemember, you Tony, you are a solid work in pwogwess…gloves off, to you sir.

Gina: steely, determined, a command performance!!

Andy: a fair go…a big fair go…wemember, opportunity to win means my dear chep, don’t feel guilty. Yours is the power, the power and the glory…ho, ho..toss another cway on the barbie…isn’t that what you cheps do, down there in the antipodes?

Clive: is there woom for…woom for impwovement? No, no there isn’t. Thet’s because you’re pitch perfect, ahummphh, me old mate. Ohh, harrumphh, I feel wather poety…”Constitutionality qwestions now abounding. Your gusto and oooomph are wesounding”

Yours twuly, (with opportunity to win! Ho, ho.)

Viscount B.

cc. Leni Reeferstool, Norb Fones