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Murdoch’s most unabashed, if entertaining retainer is Greg Sheridan, foreign editor of The Australian. On one his adoring trips to the United States, home of Murdoch HQ, Sheridan wrote, “The US is the greatest possible argument for media deregulation. Every morning, I flick between Fox, CNN and MSNBC as I eat my cereal… why did it take so long for pay TV to get to Australia?”. He was referring, as if instinctively, to his master’s pay TV company, Foxtel. As for terrorism, Sheridan blames “Pilgerist Chomskyism” for “ideologically fuelling the followers of Osama bin Lenin, sorry Laden.” (more at

Spiralling  down through anthropological time.

We unknowingly transformed from prokaryote to eukaryote.

In thousands of lifetimes fish became reptiles and reptiles became birds.

Apes left the bodies of amphibians and stood up to look bigger than other species.

We became creators of new beings, shapers and destroyers of our environment.

It made us believe we were masters of the universe.

Yet we have no more control of our destiny than amoeba or a virus.

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