“I’ll turn back every boat” proclaims Tony Abbott, splashed across the Weakened Caucasian. A sociopathic parrot with but one shrill, squawked refrain. Yet more fascist politics of the gutter.

Big tough Tony Abbott, pressing his buttons of fear and hatred – the dog whistle,  moving forwards to the sodding past. Do we want a return to the politics of fear? Demonizing the defenceless for political capital – not just morally repugnant, but an appalling vision of an unthinkable, depressing and foul future.

This message of hate in a Murdoch newspaper environment of partisan war-mongering, of selective attention, dichotic writing and creepy, blinkered, conservative agendas. This same newspaper spruiked the conflicts that have resulted in the terrible predicaments of those fleeing the carnage of war and persecution and is also welcoming host to the message of “I’ll turn back every boat”.

Just wonder what steps Abbott would take to protect himself and his family if the shoe was on the other foot, and he awoke to armies of the night and feared for their safety? His is not just a lack of empathy, but a deliberate and repeated campaign to draw strength at the expense of traumatised, vulnerable, homeless human beings. The term fascist is not invoked here lightly, but this interpretOr can think of no other when it comes to this attitude and nakedly repellant abuse of power.