“well, hello Tony”

Norb, hello there. Did you receive it ok?

Courier dropped it in at reception at sparrow’s.

That’s great mate. Great. Ahhhm, any initial thoughts?

An icon, an extension…erhmm. Team fantastic, mate.

And Leni. Leni’s in with you at Flossmirror for the working lunch?

Etched in stone. Etched in stone. Well, more ‘topline’ please, Tony…We’re gagga for Opportunity to Win! Flinty’s even ordered a custom pair and has the heads up on the auction. A masterstroke from the maestro himself!

Norb, heck. What can I say? As you know, preparation and committment are key drivers. There’s raw determination in Opportunity to Win.

And moving forwards on a euuhhu, united front too no doubt…

Quite frankly, yes. A united front. A signature, a hallmark.

On the auction, Tony, how’s the physical regime? Umm, do you envisage shedding à la ‘like peeling off a sock’?

Absolutely. Yes, Norb