“Herr Abbott. I’ve Sir Cliff for you on line 2” said Scott.

Ok, Scott. Put him through pronto, presto…uhmm, quickly. Sir Cliff, hello, hello. Smashing to hear from you and tell me, how is sunny Barbados today?”

Heck, howdie Tony! Blessings. The plantation’s a sunny and a super, doodly smashing. Uhhuh, it blows me away that now two of me great mates are called Tone. I mean…what are the chances, it’s a bit spookytastic.

Err, Sir Cliff, may I venture that it could be the invisible hand of the big JC.

Mega. Hey, buddie, Tone. Leni Reeferstool flicked over the treatment for your autumn rallies. They’re, quite frankly, pop-tastic, mate. She also attached a cuppla pdfs of you over the hols. You’re in great, great shape mate!

Gee, heck, thanks Sir Cliff mate. You’re in terrific shape too, mate – I’ll have to courier you over a pair of Austalia’s finest!

Mega-tastic, knicker elastic! So, let’s get down to the shedding, Tone, me old mate. Scotty’s notes indicated that you’re a bit of a rough surface shedder!

Yes, Sir Cliff, mate. And Julie’s ….