“Herr Abbott, you doo have zee Jorg Haider een you. Nurture yor inner Jorg” said Leni. “Und especially ven you’re cross – ze pession, zee indeegnation. You go from orange too ze red!”

Ha, well, heck, Leni. But never green.

Don’t ever mention that verd. Peuahh.

Look, ummm, Leni. Sir Cliff has brought a creative and bold suite of ideas to the table. A man of vision, he’s one heck of a mate, and err does a lot of great work for charity.

Yess, Herr Abott. So hendsome und zee little beach sheck in zee Barbados…vot’s zee big idea?

Well, actually, there are two. Two big ideas. We will leverage each through autumn rallies after using the late summer auction as an initial, umm, launch platform…

Vell, Tony, vot, vot, vot?

1. Produce the new ‘MeinPantz’ swimwear range at the Correct Corp facility on Nauru!

2. Market the range through Barbados. Sir Cliff has indicated that he’s willing to help with shoots, model management etcetera, etc. Leni, humm, perhaps let’s not mention this yet to Julie, but Sir Cliff feels that your’s truly could, ermmm, actually model some of the pants…

Model zee ponts? Toight ponts, Tony?

Well a bit, yes…

Und this vill bee after zee shedding?

Precisely, Leni. I knew you’d get it