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Scott M loVes Officeworks

Aptly titled Shadow Minister, Scott M, loves Officeworks. The order of the aisles, ranges of stationary stationery. Sheer bliss. Heck, even the uniforms. Splendid, splendid. “It’s my Disneyland!!” he proclaimed as he fumbled with the new range of ring binders in aisle 9.

“Office supplies and Tory politicians have a peculiar history and connection”, mused Keith.

British documentary makers, Comic Strip Presents, busted John Major at Ryman’s back in the 90’s, prematurely ending his prime ministership. “Morrison is playing with fire…it could all end in tears…ha, ha…the tears of a clown” chuckled Keith

to be continued…

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“Five praises a day for young children, can greatly enhance positive interactions between them and their caregivers.”

The Psychologist, January, 2012.

The Psychologist is the official monthly publication of The British Psychological Society. It serves as a forum for communication, discussion and debate on a range of psychological topics.

UNICEF: 2011 review

“Herr Abbott, we could auction it late summer” said Scott.

“Perhaps, Scott. Anyway, ummm, how’s the new prod looking?”

“Correct Corp envisage availability and  implementation readiness at 2nd quarter ’12 for zone P of Phase Four”

“Excellent, excellent. Norman Boyd seems very confident of this too and we can brief Harridan. Going back to the auction scenario….not bad. Leave it with me, I’ll liaise with TB and Sir Cliff also has experience in this area too. Maybe we could go digital and combine ‘opportunity to win’ with the main revenue generator for autumn?”

“Ya.., yess Herr Abbott. It’ll be a massive revenue builder for autumn and raise party brand awareness.”

“Ok, well, quite frankly I could toss in the speedos too?”

“Errr, Herr Abbott….?”

“Add them to the prize pool, Scott. What on earth do you think I mean?”

“Right, right. Great.”

“Ok. On the main prize item…a quick heads up on the shedding process. Well, the process tends to be that the old skin breaks near the mouth and I wriggle out of it, aided by rubbing against rough surfaces. In years gone bye, the cast skin peels backward over the body from head to tail in one piece, like pulling a sock off inside-out…Scott..?..SCOTT! SCOTTT”

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