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The setting is chilling. London is burning, the Greeks are looking for friends and Berlusconi has finally screwed everything in Italy. Meanwhile at the tea party,  the Mad Hatters cheer the fall of America’s President and the impoverishment of her people. In this tottering world precariously held above the flood of despair by the great plate of China, Mr Rabbit, a cousin of the Mad March Hare, returns to Canberra to plot the demise of Ms Carrot Top. Will Mr Rabbit be satisfied with a moderate level of carnage or will he wreak havoc on the great warren Downunder?

Mr Rabbit has taken time out to consult with the ferrets from the Tea Party on how a complete extinction might be carried out. Will he be thwarted by the Ugly Duckling who is trying hard to boost morale and steer Downunder through this crisis? Or will Tony 1080 poison the earth and take us back to the Dark Ages? Watch this space for updates.

Following the meeting between Prime Minister Julia Gillard and News limited editors and directors there has been a remarkable change in the tone of “The Australian”. Previous editions have relentlessly painted the PM as a train wreck driving Australia into certain calamity. This weekend edition of the 6th of August has transformed her into the very picture of a serenely wise leader totally in control of the country as described by Mathew Franklin.

“Ms Gillard exuded optimism as she spoke of focusing on an agenda aimed at spreading opportunity and addressing people’s sense of uneasiness about the patchwork economy”.

A large glamour photograph was titled “A subtle sartorial shift shows a sleekly confident Julia Gillard”

Now what magical words were spoken to CEO John Hartigan that bought about his metamorphis from the aggressive flesh eating maggot to the gentle butterfly wanting to fly with Lepidoptera Gillardis to bring beauty and colour into the world? Could those transformative words have been “media inquiry”?
Such transformations do not happen without some evolutionary payback, so what was the price paid by our PM? Only the editors, executives and the flies on the wall can know for sure what price the transaction required. To outside observers the only thing of value is the canning of the media inquiry. Of course, now that the owner of News Limited has declared himself to be family Murdochus Americanus his territorial spread is limited in this country by laws which previously seem to have been cravenly ignored by local herd leaders who fearful of retribution have looked in another direction. It would be a disaster for the family Murdochus if an inquiry forced the local herd leaders to face up to their responsibility to the Family Australis and drive out alien invader.

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