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“From the beginning, (1990),  EFF has championed the public interest in every critical battle affecting digital rights…”

Capra-baldie-baddies WoOpert Murd and lil’ jimmy are to appear at the Leveson Inquiry in London Tues and Weds of next week, with a resonant focus upon their relationships with…POLITICIANS…

Ooo, err…ghosts of Christmas past spring immediately to mind and may haunt the father and son team…Thatcher and Woopert at Chequers for successive X-mas lunches…time for more crackers, Woopert! Now, put your hat on, man… Bliar, Bliar, pants on fire. Well, Dave Cameron and a certain Christmas lunch with Webeka Crooks and lil’ jimmy…The Leveson Inquiry menu for next week’s hearing reads as follows…

Module 3: The Relationship between Press and Politicians


Monday 23 April – Aidan BarclayEvgeny Lebedev [35]

Tuesday 24 April – James Murdoch [35]

Wednesday 26 April – Rupert Murdoch [35)

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