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Greg Sheridan in the current Weakened Caucasian:

“ONE of the main reasons the Gillard government is so unsuccessful in selling its carbon tax is that its overall narrative is so utterly dishonest.”

Greg Sheridan has great insight into “utterly dishonest” narratives, as he himself pitches bullshit for a living. He was cheerleader for the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq; an obsequious apologist for the likes of Bliar, Cheney and George Dubya Bush too. There’s obviously a dollar or two in spouting such craven tripe, and he probably keeps an eager eye on Woopert’s twitter rants for inspiration. 

The National Indigenous Radio Service Limited (NIRS) is a national service provided from a hub station residing in Brisbane. It networks material for Indigenous media organisations that don’t have the staffing or capital requirements to provide a 24-hour high quality broadcast to their audience.

For over three decades, NIRS has provided a radio programming and media marketing service for over 140 Indigenous community radio stations.  We continue to deliver 24 hours of programming each day throughout all major metropolitan, regional and, perhaps most importantly, remote communities.

NIRS strives to provide a range of voices for Indigenous communities via a schedule of various radio programs, supported by a national satellite service. It is argued the NIRS satellite footprint is the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Here at the interpretOr, we’ve now added NIRS to our friend & links menu – or,  simply clickthrough here – great NIRS site features include live streaming and a weekly news review podcast.

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