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The G192 report

The Stiglitz commission on the 2008 crash was obstructed and derided, especially by the US and UK. Five years on, with the crisis set to last, it is vital that the UN becomes a central forum for negotiation…”

by Robert H Wade

Small island with huge ambitions

by Philippe RivièreTwo private companies are now offering tourist trips to the Moon, using their own ships: one is Excalibur Almaz, in the Isle of Man.

Privatising space

by Philippe RivièreCompanies and corporations now want to supplement, and then maybe supplant, national governments in space exploration and exploitation…

The end of the Bedouin

by Jillian Kestler-D’Amours

Le Monde Diplomatique, English language edition, free and available by clicking any of the piece links above.

“Now we are creating air bases in Central Asia to seize Iranian oil reserves. Or, more dangerously to take on China en route to North Korea, or vice versa. Since these neoconservative contingency plans for world conquest will end more soon than late in our destruction one wonders why our media, bought and obedient as they are, cannot see that they are on the wrong side of human history, now more than ever fragile and out of control as we nuclearize space itself and attack nation after nation while silencing those few of our citizens who see what is up ahead for us.”

Gore Vidal

Point to Point Navigation, 2006.

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