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Funky, pre-gentrified Ladbroke Grove, West London,  was a fascinating place to live in the late 80’s and early 90’s…an eclectic population of  West Indian, Portuguese and boho English…street markets selling dried chillies, cheap daffodils, addictive custard tarts, scratched records, pre-loved books…a soundscape of dub-reggae-doorstep ghetto blasters, laughter, arguments, spruikers…little underground drinking dens and a local gypsy-cab service that would home deliver ‘erb and pizza from dusk ’til dawn…”Errr, dat you egain Roger? Ok, ok…Winston back at ya in twenty, innit…layters…”

I was lucky enough to live amongst and befriend a few of the ladbroke grove crew, including ‘resting’ photojournalist, unassuming dude and ‘erbalist, ‘Roger’. He’d spent a chunk of the early ’70’s working for Der Spiegel and also Stern magazine, war-reporting from Vietnam under a pseudonym – he took a bold decision to break away from the constrained, rather conformist press pack and went off track and seriously undercover to Laos, with nothing but his cameras and a local guide. They stumbled upon a series of jungle helicopter bases and photographed uniformed military personnel loading and then flying around bales of…opium…this interpretOr saw his pics and Bolex shot Laos footage (I was, coincidentally, doing post-grad at the London College of Printing at the time), and Roger’s material the real deal…more on this in future interpretOr posts…

Anyways… ‘ladbroke-grove-rOger’s’ satellite news service emerged around the time of Gulf War One…very, very pre-Wikileaks…the US government was feeding news agencies, including the rapidly ascending newcomer CNN, with its then startling innovation, the VNR…short for Video News Release. Essentially, VNRs were manufactured, manipulated and often sanitised video footage reels that were dispatched on a daily basis to the newsdesks at CBS, NBC, ITV et al.

One evening, Roger and I were chatting with my Kuwaiti girlfriend and we were all very worried about her family and the paucity of info on what was actually brewing in the Gulf. The ‘VNR’ derived coverage was nothing more than crappy propaganda and Roger had a startling brainwave that was to lead to a very local solution to a rather global problem…and ‘ladbroke-grove-rOger’s’ satellite news service was born…

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‘ladbroke-grove-rOger’s’ satellite news service: part twO


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BARONESS SUSAN GREENFIELD CBE conducts research on novel mechanisms of neurodegeneration at Oxford University, and recently served as Chancellor of Heriot Watt University (2005–2012). Susan has received 30 Honorary Degrees from British and foreign universities. Other awards include the Michael Faraday Medal from the Royal Society (1998), Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians (2000), L’Ordre National de la Légion d’Honneur (2003), American Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award (2003), Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (2007), and the Australian Medical Research Society Medal (2010).

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“…The crudest exponent of Romnesia is the Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart. …

“…Remembering her roots is what Rinehart fails to do. She forgot to add that if you want to become a millionaire – in her case a billionaire – it helps to inherit an iron ore mine and a fortune from your father and to ride a spectacular commodities boom. Had she spent her life lying in bed and throwing darts at the wall, she would still be stupendously rich…”

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