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“This conflation of wealth and value is the root of the antagonism between the “one per cent” and the “ninety per cent” in this country. Some, perhaps even most, of the one percent are people who have milked, twisted, turned and sidestepped our banking and financial system…When Romney worked at Bain Capital, he was deft at making piles of money for investors, but often did so at the expense of the employees of the company being invested in…”

Excerpt of letter to the New Yorker (22/10/12) by Julie Naster, Nederland, Colorado.

Here @ the interpretOr, we’d like to add a seasonal touch to our Romney indictment – “disingenuous, oleaginous and highly dangerous Reagan/Bush Mk II figure of fear and loathing, with a bulging Swiss bank account, private jet and bizarre Tupperware fetish” – and add that he is also a venal corporate, blood-sucking vampire…

breaking news @ the Refugee Action Coalition:

The move by the Gillard government to excise the Australian mainland from the migration zone is “an absurd throwback to the draconian policies of the Howard government.”
“The blind application of the so-called ‘no advantage’ policy has led the government to implement yet another element of failed Liberal Party policy. Excising the mainland is a nonsense. Thousands of asylum seekers are arriving at excised places. The Minister can excise all the territory he likes, but the question is, ‘What is he going to do with the thousands of asylum seekers arriving at excised places who are languishing in Australian detention centres and on Nauru?’ ”said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.
“The government is desperate to be seen to be doing something, but excising the mainland is worse than nothing. The government’s off-shore processing arrangements are already in tatters…”

click here for more on this story @ the Refugee Action Coalition

Human Rights Watch (see our interpretOr link roll) adds that the Australian and Indonesian governments should urgently take effective measures to protect migrant children at high risk of abuse while in Indonesia en route to Australia.

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