David Beckham has announced that next month’s Major League Soccer championship will be his final game with the Los Angeles Galaxy – but wasn’t coy over his next move, saying that he was “enjoying his new watch.”

Disembarking at Luton (UK), keeping up with the constant challenges of a hectic global schedule, Beckham shared with us lines he’d prepared inflight for the breaking Saatchi Asia Brietling campaign, with print currently launching through the Caucasian and other regional broadsheets:

“So I said to them, Trevor, I said…I’ve got a new watch…”

...Hallow. My name’s David. David Beckham. I’ve got a new watch. It’s mine. I like my new watch. Shiny. It understands that I’m a man of my time. My new watch, that is. I like my new watch. Buttons round it quite a bit, oh yes. I can press them…I can push my own buttons, by themselves and myself too. Look. It’s my new watch.Rubber- molded bidirectional rotating bezels of time that serve to read off a seventh timezone, at the end of the day..."