here @ the interpretOr, we’ve just had a quick perusal of this morning’s Oz tabloid press and…it ain’t pretty…

Real-life Barbie is no blonde bimbo”     Finch’s not-so-secret wedding

Dannii’s successful 2013 in the bag

In marked contrast, over at Green Left Weekly, there’s an appeal by veteran journalist, John Pilger:

“Australia has the most restrictive media in the western world. Censorship by omission denies Australians their democratic right to make sense of whole stratas of political and foreign policy. That’s why Green Left Weekly is a beacon, doing a job of honourable journalism, as an agent of people, not power.”

John Pilger

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@ the interpretOr, we maintain that when media organisations are answerable to share holders and the markets, the public interest is necessarily compromised. Objectivity cannot serve two masters. When media organisations collude and offer a seeming consensus of content and treatment, there is tremendous power in their ability to shape perceptions of actual and restrict perspectives of possible.