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Burton“On one side of the courtroom was Darryl Zanuck and half the corporation boys in America. On the other side was me, alone; I didn’t have a lawyer. I played it very English, very Ronald Colman.

At one point one of the lawyers jumped up and shook his fist at me and said, “you shook hands with Mr Zanuck on this agreement. You shook hands with Mr Zanuck in his own office.”

And I said, “I dont believe Mr Zanuck said that because he’s an honourable man. But if he did say it, then he’s a fucking liar. The place broke up in complete confusion…”

A West Australian man whose children were taken away from him by the authorities has rejected suggestions he was a drinker who neglected his kids.
Donald Collard has been giving evidence in a Stolen Generations compensation case, which is expected to set a precedent for others in WA.
Mr Collard, his wife Sylvia, and seven of their children are seeking damages and costs over the removals, which occurred from 1958 to 1961.
Mr Collard has said he was the victim of social and institutional prejudice because he was classified as one-quarter Aboriginal, while his wife was considered "native"... here to go through to David Weber's piece in full @ ABC
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