Sydney residents were warned to stay clear of of an angry deluded Christian man who has been attacking people without any rational reason in Sydney’s Western suburbs.

The man who says he has been annointed by God, is displaying his psychotic state by his shouting extreme fascist slogans and claiming that he is Australia’s next immigration minister.

So far his verbally aggressive attacks have been focussed on people with good suntans and have not yet become physically violent. His attacks have forced residents with dark skin to take refuge inside their houses. Police fear he is incititing other mentally unstable members of the community to maim or kill innocent people.

There is great concern that he may find his way to to beach side suburbs like Bondi where many beach goers have dark naturally tanned skin and even more are sporting fake orange tans. These residents need to take a precautionary approach and under no circumstances should they approach this man who is extremely dangerous.