An interpretOr was introduced to this incredible talk by Aboriginal psychologists working here in Western Australia. I’m still processing the magnitude of Prof McDaniel’s message and compassionate call to action, but in the interim, thought I’d share this extraordinary talk with you, our readers and visitors. Words that still resonate are reconciliation, collective responsibility, appreciation, belief and action…


Professor Michael McDaniel is an Aboriginal man who is a member of the Kalari Clan from the Wiradjuri nation of Central New South Wales. Michael's involvement in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander higher education spans more than two decades. 

Michael has previously been the Professor and Dean of Indigenous Education at the University of Western Sydney and the Director of Warawara Department of Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University. Michael also previously taught at UTS, where for some years he was Director of Indigenous Programs within theSchool of Adult Education. 

Michael has held part-time lectureships in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education at the Australian Catholic University and the University of Sydney. Michael is also a member of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Higher Education Consortium (NATSIHEC). On a number of occasions Michael participated in the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues as part of the NATSIHEC delegation. For the period 2013-2015 is a Ministerial appointed member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Council (ATSIHEAC).