Clive Hamilton warned us of  ‘Growth Fetish’ back in 2003 – a decade on, and the advance of the rapacious continues unabated. Below a couple of snippets from George Monbiot’s disturbing, yet fascinating piece…

‘…Governments today have no vision but endless economic growth. They are judged not by the number of people in employment, let alone by the number of people in satisfying, pleasurable jobs, not by the happiness of the population or the protection of the natural world. Job-free, world-eating growth is fine, as long as it’s growth. There are no ends any more, just means.

In their interesting but curiously incomplete book, How Much is Enough?, Robert and Edward Skidelsky note that “Capitalism rests precisely on this endless expansion of wants. That is why, for all its success, it remains so unloved. It has given us wealth beyond measure, but has taken away the chief benefit of wealth: the consciousness of having enough. … The vanishing of all intrinsic ends leaves us with only two options: to be ahead or to be behind. Positional struggle is our fate.”(9)…’

To find out which billionaire megalomaniac has a throne in his 747 (sic), please click here to go through to the piece in full @ George Monbiot.

Economic determinism is a hungry beast; ugly too.