Edward Snowden has provided democracy with its last chance. He has confirmed what we already suspected to be true but did not have the evidence to confirm our belief. Our governments are at war with their citizens.

The sad and frightening thing about Prism to me is that it confirms Western Governments do not trust their citizens. Conversely Western citizens don’t trust their governments. This distrust is largely driven by the overwhelming hegemony of the United States over other states and the takeover of our governments by strategic resource corporations and militaristic organizations to the extent that ordinary citizens feel disempowered and dispossessed.

Our governments are owned and directed by ALEC, Exxon, Philip Morris, Serco, BHP Billiton and the Koch Bros to name a few major players.

With the compliance of governments these organisations have driven exploitation and used armed conflict against any resistance. It is this greed and lust for power that has created a world of terrorism and distrust.

Democracy, like our planet, is close to death. Can we save it or should we create a new system of living and governance that gives back the power to the citizenry?

The answer lies in each one of us and we are divided in our opinions which are informed largely by corporate media organizations that drive wedges between us and fill our heads with trivia and conflict rather than reporting in an unbiased or even a logical way. The corporate media is complicit in maintaining the status quo, they betray and divide us. We must learn to be more discerning, to sort the wheat from the chaff.

The first step in removing ourselves from our current status as consumer subjects and regaining our power as citizens is to support whistle-blowers like Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. Like Christ they sacrifice their lives so that we may see the light. They give us the truth, and in return we should give them our attention and support.

Avaaz is running a campaign to support Edward Snowden. You can find it at: