There’s a whopping great full page ad from Lockheed Martin International in today’s Murdoch owned national rag, the Australian, (02/03/13 p5).

Headline copy:

“Introducing Lockheed Martin International”

Partnering for Protection and Prosperity.

“We never forget who we’re working for”

A heck of a lot of space for a three-liner…

At the interpretOr, we never forget who they’re working for…nor does AlterNet…

"While contracts for supplying weapons for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a significant part of Lockheed Martin’s business, the new company that has taken form since the merger boom of the 1990s has a far wider reach. These activities include everything from involvement in interrogation and police training to profiting from the new post-9/11 wave of domestic surveillance activities.
Of all the new ventures that Lockheed Martin has undertaken, the least well known may be its role in interrogating prisoners at U.S. facilities in Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
The fact that employees of private companies are even allowed to interrogate terror suspects came as a surprise to most Americans when it was revealed in the wake of the Abu Ghraib scandal. The revelations of the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques”—many of which were viewed by human rights analysts as torture plain and simple—rocked the world as pictures of naked inmates threatened by dogs and subjected to other serious abuses were disseminated in print and electronic media. The damage to the reputation of the United States as a country governed by the rule of law is still being felt, even as accountability has been limited to the low-level military personnel involved directly in the abuses."
William Hartung reveals how Lockheed Martin’s presence in the U.S. military goes far deeper than mere weapon supplying, AlterNet (11/01/11)