Blogger Alexei Navalny defied Putin. Now he faces six years in prison. In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, Russian human rights icon Lyudmila Alexeyeva explains why the Kremlin is trying to muzzle the opposition leader — and why it could backfire.

Alexei Navalny made his name as a blogger and anti-corruption activist before becoming the most prominent figure in the protest movement against Russian President Vladimir Putin. But now Navalny is 37 years old, and he is already facing the end of his political career. If a court in the provincial Russian town of Kirov finds him guilty this Thursday, he cannot, by Russian law, run for public office….click here for full story @ SPIEGEL..

Here at the interpretOr, we reported last year that the Putin regime is also accumulating massive wealth – guess this is easier to do if it’s death or the neo-gulags for commentators, journos, bloggers…

Putin bling @ $70,000,000,000