The forthcoming judgement on the Bradley Manning case is not only a watershed for the future of Manning but also of the freedom of all Americans. Perhaps for all of us.

On the surface Manning has been brought to trial by the military and security offices of the United States because his release of information has put the people of the free world and work and the personnel of these offices at risk.

However the greatest damage that has been done is the damage to the credibility and reputation of these same offices, which have been shown to have little regard for human rights or international law. Manning’s revelations exposed an organization that covers up its criminal brutality and its mistakes. They also revealed its derision of international law and a contemptuous disregard for the allies of the United States Government.

When viewed in the context of the Edward Snowden revelations that have shown that ordinary people, community protest groups and businesses all over the world are the targets of US spying rather than terrorists, an alarming picture emerges that shows that the military industrial corporations and their CIA business partners have a greater control of the USA than ever before and are ready punish anyone who reveals their dirty secrets.

If Manning Assange and Snowden are taken down in US kangaroo courts by these militaristic rulers of America, and if the decisions are justified by their corporate media partners, then we and our democratic systems go down with them.

In a democratic world these men would be our greatest heroes. They are the new Mandela’s being imprisoned for our freedom.