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After releasing records with 4AD for a large part of their career, Cocteau Twins decided to take a step towards independence and started up the Bella Union record label, through which they could release their own work as well as any collaborative efforts. The band split up not long after, but instead of letting the newly formed label go under, Robin Guthrie, Cocteau Twins’ founder and lead guitarist and Simon Raymonde, the band’s bassist since 1984, decided to take charge of it…more @


Hannah Arendt, philosopher and writer, covered Adolf Eichmann’s trial for the New Yorker from Jerusalem, where he faced a court in 1961. The latter Gestapo head evaded capture until 1960 and had been living in Argentina. She witnessed successive psychiatrists declare him to be clinically sane, his demeanour was ‘ordinary’…

“in certain circumstances, the most ordinary, decent person can become a criminal”

Banality of Evil’, H.Arendt (1963)

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