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As “one term Tony’s” backflips and lies become evident, the people of Australia are waking up, opinion polls are starting to sway against this Government. This isn’t what the Australian people wanted or what they voted for. Say what you need to get into power, then do what you like when you get there… One term Tony will not last, and will go down as our worst PM EVER. (source: MassiveClock)


…The more publicity that came Scott Morrison’s way, the more hardline he became. So much so that last February, on the morning when victims of the Christmas Island boat people tragedy were due to be buried in Sydney, he launched an ill-tempered attack on the government for paying for family members to make the long journey from Christmas Island. Among them was Madian El Ibrahimy, a detainee at the Indian Ocean detention centre, whose wife, Zman, four-year-old son, Nzar, and eight-month-old daughter, Zahra, had all died at sea. “Do you think you run the risk of being seen as heartless on the day of these funerals to be saying — to be bickering over this money?” asked ABC reporter Barbara Miller, whose report that morning was broadcast on AM. Morrison replied: “When it comes to the question of do I think this is a reasonable cost then my honest answer is, ‘No, I don’t think it is reasonable.’” Seasoned commentators struggled to recall a nastier instance of gutter politics from a senior politician since the heyday of Pauline Hanson. Labor accused him of “stealing soundbites from One Nation”…

(click here for Nick Bryant’s piece in full @ the Monthly)

Amnesty’s recent report is available to all in free and full – simply click image below for pdf…


here’s an extract re MENTAL HEALTH

…A number of service providers and asylum seekers expressed concern about deteriorating mental health. STTARS and IHMS mental health team are struggling to cope with existing demand for their services, and this is only expected to grow as the population and length of detention increases. Some asylum seekers felt that there was a deliberate “psychological war”177 on them (by the Australian Government). A service provider said, “This is the process of how you break someone mentally,” when describing the conditions in the detention centre.178

“We are dying here… I am dying many times a day.”

—J.K., 15 November 2013

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