The terrible war in Syria provides a new window giving us a view out of the illusion that we still have a functioning Western democracy.

Following the Snowden revelations which showed us that our Governments have turned us all into potential enemies of the state while building walls of secrecy between us and reality. The war in Syria stretches the gap between reality and fiction, to the extent that tears in the fabric are exposing the deception visited upon us by our governments and the mass media.

Here in Australia the Abbott Government which was carried to an election victory by the cash of a coal and tobacco alliance and the fervent barracking of the monopolistic Murdoch media has exposed Australians to the worst possible outcomes of global climate change.They have diverted the populations gaze from nationwide droughts and wildfires by a xenophobic vilification and military led oppression of asylum seekers.

The refuge seekers are being locked up in appalling gulags on islands outside Australia to prevent them access to appeal, and to so demoralise the refugees, that they will stop seeking refuge in the country of “a fair go”.

All of this Guantanamo like torture is being done under the strictest secrecy using the military inspired excuse that it is an operational matter. Any questioning of this lunacy is branded un-Australian by the Prime Minister

What is missing in the media stories on Syria, the elephant in the room, is the Russian naval base at Tartus on Syria’s Mediterranean coast. This is the real reason for the conflict.

For some reason the mainstream Western media is loath to reveal the real story behind this terrible conflict. Perhaps they self censor because they do not want to show the US in a bad light, but there can be no end to the war until this cause is acknowledged and  factored into the solution. Russia has too much at stake to back down on its support for Assad while the Americans who pose as the good guys who just wants to help, will push Russia as far as they can despite the casualties.

While some smaller websites like the Interpretor have noted the strategic implications of the naval base and the likely US involvement in the early demonstrations, it is the website RT nails the story in an interview with former Reagan Administration official Dr Paul Craig Roberts who expressed his view that:

“The United States is bold in stirring up the opposition and in arming it. They used the cover of the Arab Spring and Arab protests as they did in Libya,” he said. “These are not spontaneous protests, and certainly in an authoritarian state like Syria you wouldn’t find people in opposition able to readily supply themselves with arms, with military weapons.”

“What’s involved here is that the Russians have a naval base in Syria, and the Americans don’t want a Russian naval presence in the Mediterranean. And, just as in Libya, the problem was the Chinese oil investments. If Syria goes, Iran is in the target sights, and Lebanon,” he concluded.

What we in the West have to understand is that the avaricious nature of our societies has driven a psychotic desire for control of everything and everyone on the planet. The US with our meek compliance, is violently imposing its will on other countries at the same time that it spies on its own people and its allies in order to control and manipulate us all.

It is not the violence of Syrians or the Egyptians or even the Afghanis who test our resolve. The real challenge is for us in the West, and especially the US, is to take back the control of our countries from the backroom manipulation of the US Administration, the CIA, the corporate media and the Fortune 500 who are trashing our democracies for their own sick addiction to wealth and control.

What has happened to the movement towards world peace that began during the Vietnam War but disappeared under a blanket of consumption and competitiveness? I contend that most of us would still like to live in an empathetic world that is signified by awareness, openness and cooperation. Unfortunately we are heading in the opposite direction where ignorance, competition, distrust and conflict hold sway.

Unless we loosen the fierce grip of the establishment and take back our power as citizens we will be destined to live consumptive empty half-lives on a planet heading towards more conflict and eventual extinction. The first step out of this miasma is to wake up from our dream world and get engaged ln our own revolution.