pic courtesy of US LIbrary of Congress

Frustrated by politics of obstruction and deference when our nation needs serious democratic leadership and action – and with our respective books on America both coming out on April 8th, we decided to consider the legacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, our nation’s longest serving president, indeed, the greatest president of the Twentieth Century.  And after much deliberation, we offer here the Top Ten Reasons FDR was Hot.

Enjoy and stay strong – We have nothing to fear but fear itself!

~~Harvey J. Kaye & Nomi Prins

1) FDR was hot because instead of talking “hope and change” – and playing blame-game politics – he signed 15 major bi-partisan bills in his first 100 days as President and turned alphabet soup into powerful, stabilizing New Deal agencies like the SEC, the CCC, the WPA, and the NLRB during a Great Depression.

2) FDR was hot because he always walked arm-in-arm – and even when he was sitting down he was standing up for America.

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