A direct consequence of Rupert Murdoch installing a former News Ltd employee as PM of Australia, is that we the people are being harassed, berated and bullied by a sneering, lying, balding, misogynist, monarchist called Tony, who has just handed down a budget so draconian that it would make even a Thatcherite blush.

We the people are being royally screwed by this Murdoch-minion and his cabinet of reptilian sociopaths. To add insult to injury, these faux moralising conservative thugs are parroting Murdoch mantras, such as that old chestnut, THE AGE OF ENTITLEMENT IS OVER!

Well, Rupert Murdoch could be tasting a bloody great dose of his own medicine in the not too distant, as United States Government Accountability Office, (GAO), lifts the lid on some pretty questionable entitlements of his own…

United States Government Accountability Office, (GAO):

Highlights of GAO-09-157, a report to Financial Privacy Jurisdictions


Large U.S. Corporations and Federal Contractors with

Subsidiaries in Jurisdictions Listed as Tax Havens.

Number and location(s) of subsidiaries in jurisdictions

listed as tax havens or financial privacy jurisdictions:

News Corporation

Belize (1), Bermuda (1), British Virgin Islands (62), Cayman Islands (33),

Cyprus (1), Hong Kong (21), Ireland (1), Latvia (4), Luxembourg (4), Marshall Islands (1), Mauritius (15), Panama (1), Singapore (5), Switzerland (2)